Dancing in The Now

I was listening to an interesting call and the speaker mentioned something about how many of us feel shy or reserved about putting our products and services ‘out there’ and communicating it’s value to others in order to make them aware of it. I realized that this was true for me as well. In fact over the years I seemed to have made ‘marketing’ and ‘sales’ into a bad word (in my head). I guess I am worried about ‘ being pushy’, ‘imposing on others time’, and a host of other subconscious associations I might have made in my mind with the idea of marketing, promotions or communication.

The speaker asked us to do an exercise where we had to try and estimate the amount of value or joy that our product could create for a customer. When I did the exercise for my pet little product (a little book of uplifting verses and poems), the potential joy it could create exploded beyond any number I could put to it.

So why would I let the silly associations I hold in my head about marketing keep me away for placing this product in front of you – and in front of anyone else you feel inspired to share this with in your own circle.

Here’s a little book to include in your shelf of books (or as some of my readers have told me – place beside their bedside table or work-desk) , where they can dip into it at the end of a long day to find a new perspective or paradigm to process whatever they are dealing with at that time.

Believe it or not, when I feel down I too have reached out to my book at times (of course I have other favorite go-to books as well).

Here’s a poem from the book for you as a gift – if you like it then why not gift yourself or a friend an entire bundle of such poems to keep at a handy place where you can easily pick it up and open a random page and allow a poem lift you into it’s light expansiveness.

Dancing in the Now

Dear LIFE….

Today I give up complaining about you

Today I forgive our history together

Today I let go of my incessant insisting

For you are as unpredictable as the weather

Thankfully I am learning a bit of your ways

Thankfully I am getting your game some more

Thankfully I am realising you give no assurance

To continue to give what you gave before

Now, I am open to play on your terms

Now, I have realised you dwell only in the NOW

Now, I get it, that to receive your gifts

I too must be dancing in that NOW


Get it on amazon here – https://goo.gl/18cpBW

Get it outside India here – https://goo.gl/MK7Fvj

If you’d like to place a bulk order for a group or an organization then you can contact me directly for group rates.

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