Why let your mind work against you when you can learn to make it work for you?

I have a diverse portfolio of offerings that include group programs, online courses, private coaching, and corporate workshops – all designed to help you to step into an more empowered, authentic, and happier, version of yourself. My facilitation will help you unravel the blocks, fears, and beliefs that are holding you back so that you can unleash your own inner potential. I will help you realize through your own experience that excellence in performance need not come at the cost of happiness – rather one can actually augment the other.

In Person Workshops

I help people discover their potential, own their strengths and reprogram their mental models so that they can joyfully lead themselves and their teams to individual and collective excellence.

Key Note Addresses

I inspire people to step into greater versions of themselves through letting go of fears, shifting their mental models and challenging the beliefs that are holding them back .

Online Programs

I conduct private coaching as well as group programs. Each program is uniquely designed to coach you to thrive better in one or more practical aspect of your life – like career, happiness, or wealth.


Ramya – you were a gift to us. you were amazing to weave a phenomenal energy around us for the 3 days, sharing own discoveries, waking the child in each one of us, unleashing the courage to come out of our formatted self, merge into the collective and yet retaining our individual thoughts. Happy and blissfully ….. step by step … silently and experientially “leading us to joy”. 

Sanjay Mitra, OD and Talent Management, National Training Labs (NTL), USA

To say the least, you have earned a fan in me for life. The course has quite literally changed my course of life. As an individual, I am extremely restless and I never knew why I did what I did or why I felt what I felt sometimes. At a tipping point between life and frustration, your course came as a refreshing breeze and has made my life all song and dance. I feel so much lighter and nicer that I find the experience incredible when I look back. 

Rashmi Shenoy, AVP, Strategy & Global Operations, HSBC

“The call was brilliant. Ramya totally shifted my perspective on exams and the pressure around it. I am so light and actually think I can make this whole education thing FUN!”

Samarth Kochar (School Student)

What do I mention about Ramya. In those 3 days, not only me but the other 29 associates who joined me had learnings to take away. Not only what was taught in class but from Ramya’s own journey so far. No, she does not believe in monologue and slides. She makes you retrospect and think, learn from the past and execute in the present. And do not be surprised if a few exercises stir emotions because she energizes you to self-discover and reaffirm your purpose of life.

Tanvi Indra,
HR Business Excellence Lead, Novartis

This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The training was very inspirational, energising, seeding ideas about positive psychology and how one can use different tools to lead the team while enjoying every bit of life. It has really given me a new insight and energy to manage personal and professional life. I strongly recommend this training to all who wish to make life more enjoyable and stress free.

Dr. Sharad D Mankumare, Director, RSL, Pharmacopeia, India Pvt Ltd

Leading with Joy has transformed me as a person. this course has helped me manage not only my work but also my family and myself.

Mr. Madan Sudarman, Global Delivery Head, Inlogic technologies Pvt Ltd

If you are ready to take your life and your business to the next level – we can explore possibilities together

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