Just like you, I am another embodied spark of universal creative energy. Just another manifestation of that magnificent life force that takes shape in different forms, colours and shapes. Just like you, just like the trees, just like the grass, just like the flowers I too am a part of this astoundingly beautiful planet that we call the earth. Just like you, I too was born whole, born complete, born beautiful in my own unique configuration. 

Like many others on our planet, I too forgot the essence of my wholeness, got disconnected from the truth of my natural beingness and instead started buying into the many lies that we collectively keep telling one another. Lies of ‘not enough’, lies of ‘çompetition’, lies of ‘separation’, and lies of ‘proving’. So I embarked on a journey of competition and proving. I accumulated a portfolio of marks, certificates and achievements. I embedded myself in a web of roles, relationships, and connections. But it was never enough. Something still kept feeling missing. 

Fortunately, there was another journey that I have also been walking – a parallel journey of discovery and exploration. A journey of seeking and yearning – sometimes spurred by anguish, sometimes by childlike curiosity, and sometimes by grace. A journey that I refused to give up on, because there was way too much of love and spirit flowing within me. A journey that I could not give up on because I was way too enchanted by the beauty and magnificence of the natural world around me. A journey that has finally brought me back to the essence of my beingness, wholeness, completeness, and beauty. 

A journey that has come back to the beginning only to restart again in action and doing and becoming – but this time it is not to prove anything to myself or anybody – it is to empower. This time it is not to be lost in confusing mazes of ‘why’, but to live into the actions of ‘how’. This time it is not to make and seek connections to fit in, belong, or feel secure – it is to enjoy the beauty and joy of our innate interconnection and oneness. This time it is not to seek money as an outcome or a stamp of security – it is to use money as a resource and enabler that can enable more creation, expansion, and consciousness. This time it is not to covet power in order to control or dominate, but to embrace the flowing stream of infinite power that I already Be. This time it is not to teach management aimed at achievement stamps and promotions, but to empower people to create – to create products, services, businesses, and lives in a way that is meaningful and joyful. 

You can use this website as a resource hub to access my work and creations, to share bits and parts of my life’s journey, and to learn more about my ‘doing’, my ‘work’ and see if you feel drawn towards it. I list my qualifications, certifications and portfolio of experiences – not to prove or assert myself as an expert but just because some of you may be part of systems where you would need that as a credibility requirement. You are most welcome to take a look at that list and use that to decide on whether you would like to take a session or course with me. Do remember however that in essence I too am just another drop (awakening to the essence of my own beingness) as are you in the very same ocean of interconnected life that we all Be a part of. This awakening into Being, into the deep knowing that we are always enough (and have always belonged) is the real journey that I am here to support you on.

I am also here to support and empower you in your unique manifestation of your being as doing – your unique journey of your çreations – as your work, your career, your business, or as your life. 

Electrical engineer from IIT Madras, holds a PGDM (MBA) from IIM Ahmedabad and a PhD in Organizational Behaviour from London Business School.

Dr. Ranganathan has worked in blue chip companies like ICICI, Infosys and Citibank, and it was largely her experiences in the corporate world that shaped her quest to learn how she could help people (and herself) flourish better at work. She was a full-time faculty with IIM Bangalore from 2010 to 2019 during which time she

developed a unique approach to catalyze and nurture wellbeing in individuals and organizations. In January 2019,Dr. Ranganathan was awarded by the MHRD Union Minister for being one of the top 15 innovators in higher education in India. She now continues to teach with IIM Bangalore as an adjunct faculty and also conducts independent programs for organizations and individuals.

Over the last decade, Dr. Ranganathan has designed and taught several customized workshops for public sector as well as private sector clients such as NHPC, Union Bank, Novartis, Atlas Copco, GAIL, Pernod Ricard, Novo Nordisk, ISRO, Biocon, Essilor, Aditya Birla Group, HSBC, Airbus, Erikson, IOCL, Swiss Re, Mahindra Finance, and Hindustan Lever to name some. Apart from that she has been conducting her flagship open program titled, ‘Leading with Joy’ which has had participants from the corporate as well as education, government and social sectors. She has previously held the positions of Programme Director, Management Programme for Women Entrepreneurs and the Programme Director, Management Programme for Entrepreneurs and Family Business at IIM Bangalore.

Dr.Ranganathan has created multiple online courses on the themes of wellbeing at work: ‘Managing our inner worlds’, and ‘Managing Stress’ (on IIMB KITE platform), ‘Crafting realities – Work Happiness and Meaning’ (on the EdX platform), and Creating a Happy and Meaningful Career (on the Swayam Platform). Her style of teaching is a unique blend of combining logical left-brained reasoning with intuitive right-brained reflection.

Dr. Ranganathan is a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher and in her own personal sadhana she integrates techniques from a range of holistic well-being practices that include Access Consciousness, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Pranic Healing and Vipasanna. She also conducts workshops on Mindfulness, Conscious Living and Holistic Energy Management, for individuals as well as organizations. She loves traveling, is an avid blogger and published her first collection of poems titled ‘I’m Choosing Life’ in 2017.