The birth of ‘Crafting Our Lives’ website

This website has been born out of the merging of the passions and interests of two of us, Ramya and Amit. We’ll try to give you a glimpse into the story behind its birth.

Ramya: I have conducted many courses and seminars on the topics of redefining work, work life alignment, personal mission and vision, nurturing excellence, and finding flow. I realized that the so-called end of each session was in-fact just the start of an exciting journey on these subjects for many of the participants. As requests for pointers to further readings and application ideas of the subjects began to pour in, I decided it was time to create a comprehensive resource page that could be used as a follow-up guide. I was also keen to find a way to stay-in-touch with those who are excited by these ideas so that I might be able to update them at regular intervals with news of the latest research, applications, and work or learning opportunities in this space.

Amit: I am a strong believer in open source, and information sharing. I had prodded Ramya for some time to create a resource page that could be used by anyone interested in the topics she teaches. Being an avid reader, I usually finish reading the books and articles she brings home before she does. What started out as casual reading and playful experimentation led me (quite unintentionally) to become knowledgeable in some areas of positive psychology, behavioural science, and philosophy. I also happens to have a good talent for organizing and synthesizing and I like writing. When the time was ripe, my passion for open source sharing met her desire for continued service to her students (even after the end of a seminar), and thus was this website, ‘crafting our lives’ born.

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