Leading with Joy: Leveraging the Mind to Achieve Greater Impact

Does your mind hold you back by creating the fear of failure or sabotages your thinking & action by flooding you in thoughts of how you could go wrong?

Your brain, simultaneously, works both for you and against you. On one hand, it helps in solving a business problem and help in communicating the solution to your consumers or clients or team members. On the other hand, it is this very brain which creates distracting & dis-empowering thoughts for you as well. It creates a narrative in which you have to constantly be fighting to survive – instead of exploring creative and expansive possibilities for your future.

In this workshop you will understand how your brain creates mental models and programs which determine the way you make sense of information and situations. You will learn how you can break free of those models & patterns that are limiting you and instead create new ones. You will learn on how to manage your thinking patterns and your emotions to influence one another to improve your happiness as well as performance at work.

You will learn to apply these in practical workplace situations like creating ownership, managing change, motivating teams, giving and receiving feedback, and building trust. This workshop is designed to be your gateway to make your own as well as other’s work experiences more productive and joyful