Manage Your Energy : Scientifically Proven Techniques to Radically Boost Your Performance at Work

Performance, Performance, Performance! The emphasis on performance and results sometimes drains the employees out –  leaders as well as the team members. However, this need not be the case. In fact good Performance is the thing that turns us on as human beings – the thing that gets us excited to embark on yet another task, yet another project, yet another day. It also just happens to be the thing that leads to success and results. 

We know both intuitively and from experience that the Performance depends on the amount of time invested and the quality of energy put in. While, most of us are mindful about managing our time, many of us actually haven’t thought of managing our quality of energy as well! Our energy engagement in one activity/context can be strategically planned so that it fills us up in a way that we step energized into our next activity/context; creating a radical boost in performance across both contexts. 

This workshop has been designed for Leaders and Executives who are concerned about their performance and are looking for ways in which they can take their productivity to a radically different level! The Energy Management techniques taught in this workshop have been customized to be used in the modern day corporate setting. Participants will learn ways in which they can manage not just their own energy but also the energy of their team members so that they can become more effective leaders.