Redesign Your Career

12 Weeks of Live Facilitation – Enrollments Open for Batch starting Dec 4, 2020.

The interactive video sessions (90 min) will be held on Friday evenings 8:30 pm IST ( 10:00 am EST, 3:00 pm BST). Recordings will be shared if you miss attending live.

Would you be willing to gift yourself the tools to create a brand new career? A career that allows you to bloom instead of making you wither. A career that enables you to shine on this planet with your own unique light and illuminate the worlds of the people around you as well.

This is not a utopian dream I am offering – this is a possibility that is indeed available to each one of us. Why am I so confident? – Because this invitation is quite literally the culmination of my life’s work so far. I can still vividly remember the time when I set out to explore the relationship between human beings and their ‘work’. I was young, in my early twenties, with two covetable degrees (electrical engineering from IIT Madras and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad), and a heart as disillusioned as ever. I had experienced relatively short unsatisfying stints in 3 companies (all good well paying MNCs), and was left with a sense of dejection that extended beyond the common Monday morning blues into a deep existential void where I was questioning the purpose of my life itself. 

Why did I need to work, if it was not for the money? Was I condemned to work at jobs I did not like just to do justice to my degrees and the time and money and sacrifices I had made to accumulate them? Was I actually the real owner of my time and my life? Was I allowed to make choices for myself? Who did I need permission from? What exactly was this monster called ‘work’ that was suddenly supposed to play a key role in my existence – and could I decide what role it could and would play?

Fast Forward a few years and I took the exploration of these questions as my own personal quest, little knowing that this very quest would actually grow into my life’s work. I explored these questions as a scientist (getting a PhD in Organizational Behaviour from London Business School en-route), as a philosopher (immersing myself in the study and understanding of the Bhagavad Gita and Buddhist Philosophy), and as an artist (painting and sculpting on the canvas of my life itself). I designed and taught a course called ‘Personal Values, Goals and Career Options’ which was one of the most popular courses at IIM Bangalore for ten years and was recognized as being one of the top 15 innovations in higher education in India by the MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources, Indian Government). In fact I still continue to teach this course at IIM Bangalore. I have also created an online course called Çrafting Realities – Work, Happiness and Meaning’ which is offered on EdX and has been taken by over 12,000 students worldwide already.

Today, I am a career coach and I help people redesign their careers (and through that their lives itself) so that they too can experience their work as a truly uplifting and contributive activity that it has the potential to be. It is not necessary for work to be experienced as the chore, the drudgery or the inevitable prison that we are often told it has to be. I am not denying that the latter might be the experience of a majority of people on the planet today. All I am proposing is that there is there is no law or rule, either in nature or in society that it has to be this way

It is true that if you really have the willingness to redesign your career into one that truly lights you up and turns you on – then you can do it with or without coaching and psychological tools. However, tools (that have been tried and tested by several others) and my coaching inputs (which draws from over 10 years of my experience in this space) makes this process easier and quicker. It also helps you avoid some common traps and mistakes that can otherwise stick you in a loop, make you get caught in a cobweb of your own limiting beliefs or even make you give up midway.

Undertaking the career redesign journey as a semi-structured, time-bound project holds you accountable to engage with the reflective exercises and start taking action steps as part of your exploration and prototyping experiences. Doing it in a group helps you get more ideas in your ideation phase, helps you feel less judgemental about the common beliefs and fears that typically hold us captive, helps in networking (which you will need during the prototyping phase of this process), keeps you committed with accountability buddies and overall makes the journey fun and engaging.

Here is how a participant of this program who actually found a job in the area she identified and started on her new career by the end of week 12 has described her experience:

I was looking at restarting my professional journey after a 7 year long break. It was due to us having moved multiple countries and an extended maternity break that I was on a career break. When I started looking out I realised I was stuck – stuck on what to do and how to begin ? I was totally blank. That’s when I started looking up my network and reached out to Ramya . That one phone call changed everything. After speaking to her I enrolled in the course “Redesign your Career”. I literally went back to the drawing board. Some of the best things of the course is that it breaks a lot of myths, makes you think out of the box breaking the linear path we all tend to take and explore options you never thought even exist. Ramya is an excellent facilitator and an evolved and mature mentor . Her vast experience comes to fore by her nudging you to push yourself but never imposing her view or thoughts on you. By the end of the course I had so much clarity on what I wanted to do and how I could create it .In Ramya’s words -‘you have to create your own path or work’. I followed Ramya’s advise to the T consciously removing biases, opening up my horizons, self introspecting , constantly iterating and believing in myself that it’s never too late to do something u really want to do . Thank you Ramya for this and for resdesigning my career and getting me back on the professional journey”. – Gopika Lal

Career Redesign does not always require you to let go of your old job even. Here are some takeaways from another participant who took this program earlier this year did not actually change her job but she gained tools from this program that transformed the very same job she was earlier in into a career that now lights her up.

“The program was lovely, to put it in a nutshell! I joined at a time when I had a lot of doubt of what I was doing, particularly why it did not seem to leave me energized. I was doing a lot but also struggling to clarify if I needed a change. If yes, I had no idea how to go about it. The program led to a very structured shift in mindset. I’m doing the same work, possibly more now, but am nearly never overwhelmed and at more peace with myself. My key takeaways from the program were that it is not only possible but also easy to change our mindset and approach to things! It requires a commitment to place our own well being at the centre of our thinking, and that is what the program offered a chance to learn to do. The program was an opportunity to invest in myself little by little each week, until it was close to becoming a habit! I have actively started to reframe things that seem like problems, remind myself that I have choice and am in control of my situations, and what I find the most liberating, being able to think of everything that a prototype and a work in progress! The bonus was the sense of community and commitment to offering ideas to each other!” – Gauri Bharat

Everyone’s experience with the program is unique – for some the program directly influences their work choices while for others the impact is more of a below the surface mindset shift related to work, life and self and the joy of taking ownership and designing that adventure for oneself. A mindset shift that transforms the way they view success, failure, experimentation and prototyping – one that will continue to influence the way they engage with work, with taking risks and with seeking opportunities for collaboration.

One participant actually proposed to his girlfriend during the 11’th week of this program and he attributed his marriage decision to this program. He told us that it was the mindset and approach to life and living which he learnt here that helped him get clarity on his priorities and changed his mindset with regard to choosing and thus helped him make up his mind to get married.

So you never know what will happen as a result of the program. Career redesign is actually Life Redesign! This program is an invitation to you to join our growing tribe that is boldly choosing to design careers and lives that help them bloom rather than wither. What if your work could be something that filled you with joy and aliveness, instead of merely being a necessary chore you had to do.

Who can Join?

This program is for anyone who is contemplating a big career change, is thinking of pursuing an alternate career, or is looking to find work that is more fulfilling to him or her. My previous programs have been found useful by participants who are fresh graduates as well as those over 60, looking to design an encore career for themselves. We have had people who were feeling burnt out or bored in their current roles, people seeking to become entrepreneurs, people who were already entrepreneurs, people restarting their careers after a break as well as people who had been laid off from their previous jobs. Everyone is welcome. Anyone who is seeking to design a career where they would like their work to be a meaningful and contributive part of their life is welcome!

Structure of the program

This program includes 12 weeks of live facilitation by me based on exercises and reflections that you will do as home play. Zoom calls will be held once a week. Recordings will be shared for those who might miss attending live. The timing for the live calls (90 min) with be Friday evening 8:30 pm IST ( 10:00 am EST, 3:00 pm BST)

We will be using the book “Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans as a guide for this program and you will be required to buy a copy of this book for yourself (link to buy the book is https://amzn.to/3e9SKNX). You will also have access to a closed discussion group where you can share your experiences and

You can also watch this video as an introduction to why I created this program

reflections, ask questions and interact with other participants during your journey. There will also be bonus content and or clarification videos shared as and when necessary. 

This program follows a very hands-on approach. The main focus is not on the theoretical ideas but on getting you through the exercises so that you are actively immersing yourself into the design process during the 12 weeks. This is an instructor paced program, everyone starts together on week 1 and we progress through the 11 chapters of the book together. One per week. It is up to you to manage your homeplay assignments, experiments and reflections within each week so that you are ready to move to each subsequent week in time.

How is this Program Different from my Private Career Coaching Program ?

One-on-one coaching is customized to your needs and the exercises are tailormade to where you are in your own journey. This program, on the other hand, follows a structured and standardized template that seems to work for a large majority of people. Also unlike one-on-one coaching, I will not be providing individual feedback and guidance on every assignment and reflection. You are the one who will be driving yourself through the process. You will be divided into small learning groups to share reflections and give one another feedback on your assignments. Each week I will pick some of the participants exercises and reflections as case examples to discuss during the live session so that the learnings can be generalized to be of relevance to everybody. If you are somebody who desires individual feedback and hand-holding then please contact me for one-on-one coaching.

How is this course different from my other course “Crafting Realities – Work Happiness and Meaning” on edX.

The edX course on Crafting Realities has a split of theory and exercises that is (70-30). It covers both theories and research so that you can understand the subject better. The exercises in the edX course are left up to you to do in your own time and there is no live facilitation from me in terms of helping you do the exercises. This program, on the other hand, follows a very hands-on approach (one more similar to coaching). The main focus of this program is not on the theoretical ideas but on getting you through the exercises so that you are actively immersing yourself into the re-design process during the 12 weeks.

Can you enrol in this program if you have previously attended the course “Personal Values, Goals, and Career Options (PVGCO)” with me at IIM Bangalore.

The process of designing our careers and lives never ends – it is an ongoing journey. So, if you are once again at a stage where you would like to relook at your career and the work that you would like to do then you are most welcome to hop on board. Also me, my content and my facilitation style have all evolved with experience over the last 10 years. So depending on when you last attended a program with me – you might experience a huge upgrade in terms of what you now get out of these sessions. However do please mention when you register if you have taken this (or another career program) previously with me because there is a special pricing for repeating participants.

How to join?

This program is priced at INR 15,000 (+18% GST). Write to contact@craftingourlives.com to sign up for the next run of this program or please fill up this form and we will get back to you.