Are you the one who has this question “Why am I doing this job “?

If your answer is “Yes”, then you have come to the right place. We invite you to craft your career along with Dr. Ramya Ranganathan who created this wonderful course in the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

Redesign your career(Online Program)” is not a teaching program, it is a coaching program where Dr. Ramya Ranganathan mentors you to craft your desired career with various workshops. It involves you to ask some hard questions to yourselves and answer them authentically by which you discover and experience something that was not available for you earlier.

About Program

One-on-one coaching is customized to your needs and the exercises are tailormade to where you are in your own journey. This program, on the other hand, follows a structured and standardized template that seems to work for a large majority of people. Also unlike one-on-one coaching, we will not be providing individual feedback on your assignments and reflections. You are the one who will be driving yourself through the process. You will be divided into small learning groups to share reflections and give one another feedback on your assignments but we will not be monitoring that process and it is up to you to make that happen. We will pick some of your exercises or reflections as case examples to discuss during the live session so that the learnings can be generalized to be of relevance to everybody. If you are somebody who desires individual feedback and hand-holding then please contact for one-on-one coaching.

Who can Join?

This program is for anyone who is contemplating a big career change, is thinking of pursuing an alternate career, or is looking to find work that is more fulfilling to them.

Structure of the program

This program includes 12 weeks of live facilitation by us based on exercises and reflections that you will do as home play. Zoom calls will be held once a week. Recordings will be shared for those who might miss attending it live. To keep it simple, all the homeplay exercises will be from a single book – “Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. Participants will also have access to a closed Facebook group where they can share their experiences and reflections, ask questions, and interact with other participants during their journey. There will also be bonus content and or clarification videos shared as and when necessary on the Facebook group. 

This program follows a very hands-on approach. The main focus is not on the theoretical ideas but on getting you through the exercises so that you are actively immersing yourself into the design process during the 12 weeks. This is an instructor paced program, everyone starts together on week 1 and we progress

through the 11 chapters of the book together. One per week. It is up to you to manage your homeplay assignments, experiments and reflections within each week so that you are ready to move to each subsequent week in time.

How to join?

Write to us on to sign up for the next run of this program. or please fill up this form, we will get back to you.