(TEST)Redesign Your Career

Would you be willing to gift yourself the tools to create a brand new career? A career that allows you to bloom instead of making you wither. A career that enables you to shine with your own unique light. Your work could be something that filled you with joy and aliveness, instead of merely being a necessary chore you had to do. This is not a utopian dream I am offering – this is a possibility that is indeed available to each one of us. Why am I so confident? – Because this invitation is quite literally the culmination of my life’s work so far. It is true that if you really have the willingness to redesign your career into one that truly lights you up and turns you on – then you can do it with or without coaching and psychological tools. However, tools (that have been tried and tested by several others) and my coaching inputs (which draws from over 10 years of my experience in this space) makes this process easier and quicker. It also helps you avoid some common traps and mistakes that can otherwise stick you in a loop, make you get caught in a cobweb of your own limiting beliefs or even make you give up midway. Career Redesign does not always require you to let go of your old job even. Everyone’s experience with the program is unique – for some the program directly influences their work choices while for others the impact is more of a below the surface mindset shift related to work, life and self and the joy of taking ownership and designing that adventure for oneself.
This program is priced at INR 15,000 (+18% GST). Write to contact@craftingourlives.com for signing up or knowing more. This program includes 12 weeks of live facilitation by me based on exercises and reflections that you will do as home play. Zoom calls will be held once a week. Recordings will be shared for those who might miss attending live. The timing for the live calls (90 min) with be Friday evening 8:30 pm IST ( 10:00 am EST, 3:00 pm BST) We will be using the book “Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans as a guide for this program and you will be required to buy a copy of this book for yourself (link to buy the book is https://amzn.to/3e9SKNX). You will also have access to a closed discussion group where you can share your experiences and reflections, ask questions and interact with other participants during your journey. There will also be bonus content and or clarification videos shared as and when necessary. This program follows a very hands-on approach. The main focus is not on the theoretical ideas but on getting you through the exercises so that you are actively immersing yourself into the design process during the 12 weeks. This is an instructor paced program, everyone starts together on week 1 and we progress through the 11 chapters of the book together. One per week. It is up to you to manage your homeplay assignments, experiments and reflections within each week so that you are ready to move to each subsequent week in time.
This program is for anyone who is contemplating a big career change, is thinking of pursuing an alternate career, or is looking to find work that is more fulfilling to him or her. My previous programs have been found useful by participants who are fresh graduates as well as those over 60, looking to design an encore career for themselves. We have had people who were feeling burnt out or bored in their current roles, people seeking to become entrepreneurs, people who were already entrepreneurs, people restarting their careers after a break as well as people who had been laid off from their previous jobs. Everyone is welcome. Anyone who is seeking to design a career where they would like their work to be a meaningful and contributive part of their life is welcome!

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