Career Alchemy


An Inner Sovereignty Approach

This Programme Is Designed to Help You

Align your career choices & adventure with your personal values, inner purpose, and heartfelt aspirations.

Overcome past baggage, and limiting beliefs to step into the flow of purposeful engagement and creation.

Embrace and leverage your personal uniqueness as strengths so you can turn your differences into advantages.

Who is Dr Ramya

Poet, Parent, Professor, and Philosopher – Dr Ramya stands for inner sovereignty and outer excellence. She practices and teaches an inside-out approach that empowers people to work and lead with inner conviction, deep joy, and powerful intention. Dr Ramya holds a B.Tech in Electronics from IIT Madras, a PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad and a PhD from London Business School. She has been recognized by the MHRD (Govt of India) in the top 15 innovators in higher education in India, has received an Academy of Management best paper award, has delivered 3 TED talks, and is on the advisory board of Samatvam, Centre for Mindfulness at IIM Bodhgaya. Dr Ramya has worked in blue chip companies like ICICI, Infosys and Citibank, and it was her own experiences in the corporate world that shaped her quest to learn how she could help people (and herself) flourish better at work. Post her PhD in Organizational Behaviour, she taught as a full-time faculty at IIM Bangalore for a decade, during which time she further researched and developed a systematic approach to catalyze purpose fuelled excellence in individuals and organizations. 

Dr. Ramya has designed and taught several customized workshops for public sector as well as private sector clients such as GE Aviation, Wabtec, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Larsen & Toubro, Samsung, Cognizant, Infosys, Cisco, JP Morgan, NHPC, Union Bank, Novartis, Atlas Copco, GAIL, Pernod Ricard, Novo Nordisk, ISRO, Biocon, Essilor, Aditya Birla Group, HSBC, Airbus, Erikson, Indian Oil, Swiss Re, Mahindra Finance, Exide, and Hindustan Lever, to name some. Apart from that she has been conducting her flagship open program titled, ‘Leading with Joy’ which has had participants from the corporate as well as education, government and social sectors.

She has previously held the positions of Programme Director, Management Programme for Women Entrepreneurs and the Programme Director, Management Programme for Entrepreneurs and Family Business at IIM Bangalore. Dr Ramya has multiple courses online on edX, IIMBx and Swayam platforms, as well as short digital masterclasses for self-paced learning on her website, drramya.com. A globally certified life and leadership coach, Dr Ramya is certified in Coaching with Depth Methodology (by IIT Madras and PeopleFirst Consulting), Life and Leadership Coaching (by Coach for Life Institute, USA and Back to Source, India), Pranic Psychotherapy (by World Pranic Healing Foundation), Reiki, Access Consciousness, and Yogic approach to holistic development (by SVYASA University).

A maverick academic, Dr Ramya now supplements her research, corporate, teaching, and coaching experience with a mix of energy and mindset-based personal mastery tools, to craft potent journeys of transformation. She uses a combination of left-brained logic, right-brained reflection, heart-based presence and energy-based activations to catalyze her participants into shifting mindsets, unpacking limiting beliefs, decluttering from within, creating powerful visions and embarking on new possibilities.

Here’s What We Cover In This Programme

Module 1: Fundamentals of Inner Sovereignty

A. Understand how to cultivate inner sovereignty and its application to career development.

B. Recognizing the conditioning our minds have gone through on the subject of careers so we can start challenging societal norms and external expectations that don’t work for us. 

C. Cultivating self-awareness and self-empowerment, identifying current challenges and areas for personal growth & establishing goals and intentions for the career alchemy coaching program.

Module 2: Your Career as a Purposeful Hero’s Journey

A. Understand how the ‘Hero’s Journey’ provides a framework to navigate through challenges and obstacles, embrace transformation, and create a fulfilling career journey that is infused with a spirit of adventure.

B. Learn to identify the 3 common mindset traps that keep us experiencing our work as draining chores, forced obligations or meaningless grind – the victim mindset, child mindset, and cynic mindset.

C. Learn practical steps to embody and leverage the Hero’s mindset instead so you can take ownership of your choices and actions, and actively co-create your career with others with a strong sense of personal agency and creativity. 

Module 3: Defining Success on Your Terms

A. Recognize and call out the societal conditioning and external messages that shape our understanding of success.

B. Identify and untangle the impact and influence of parents and other close stakeholders on your own perception and conceptualization of success.

C. Create new personalized success parameters that reflect your core values, passions and aspirations to use as a guide to craft your uniquely satisfying career.

Module 4: De-villainizing Work and Embracing Flow

A. Recognize the impact of the leisure industry on your perception of work and challenge the prevailing narrative that portrays work as the villain and leisure as the remedy.

B. Understand the transformative potential of work for personal growth, enjoyment, connection, meaning, self-expression, sanity, and self-realization – in addition to the more obvious income generation. 

C. Discover and engage in activities and tasks that align with your personal flow state such that work becomes an opportunity to make a meaningful impact while also engaging with your passions.

Module 5: Integrating Business, Work, Money, and Service

A. Let go of limiting beliefs and judgments about money, and identify ways to align purpose and impact with wealth creation opportunities – making them integral parts of your career choices.

B. Discover how serving others (or a cause) and creating wealth need not be opposing motives but can be woven together into a symbiotic relationship where they mutually nurture and support each other.

C. Learn to confidently ask for fair compensation for your time, effort, and expertise, and use that to enhance your growth and the value you offer – thereby exponentializing client/employer satisfaction, and allowing you to increase your income & impact even more.

Module 6: Maneuvering your Lizard Brain

A. Understand how stress can be a trip-switch, negatively affecting your focus, decision-making, and creative capacities of your brain and learn how to prevent your reptilian brain, or lizard brain, from sabotaging your career-crafting journey.

B. Explore the critical impact of multitasking and the phenomenon of Attention Deficit Trait (ADT), and its impact on triggering the lizard brain – learn strategies to manoeuvre around it.

C. Recognize the mirror neuron-led influence of the environment and the emotions of others on your own lizard brain, and learn game-changing techniques to prevent this from happening.

Module 7: Navigating Failure, Setbacks, and Crisis

A. Adopt an infinite career game mindset to reframe failure, setbacks, and crises as valuable learning opportunities and growth experiences

B. Develop resilience and adaptability strategies to overcome challenges and learn techniques for bouncing back from setbacks and adjusting career approaches to discover alternative paths to success.

C. Break free of toxic perfectionism, and foster a mindset that sees failure as an event, not an identity, so that you can leverage the transformative and educative power of failure to craft your career forward.

Module 8: Co-Working with Inner Voices – Mentor, Child, Critic, and Jailor

A.Develop a deeper understanding of your inner voices, including the Inner Mentor, Inner Child, Inner Critic, and Inner Jailor.

B.Learn how to connect with your Inner Mentor to access wisdom, guidance, and support for making aligned career decisions and heal, embrace and nurture your Inner Child to tap into creativity, passion, and authenticity in your work

C. Learn to transform your Inner Critic into a supportive ally by cultivating self-compassion, and reframing negative self-talk, and learn to challenge and overcome the limitations imposed by your Inner Jailor to break free from self-imposed constraints.

Module 9: Leveraging Your Unique Weirdness & Difference

A. Discover your innate strengths, talents, gifts, and superpowers and brainstorm on how these qualities can be leveraged to create a fulfilling career that aligns with who you truly are.

B. Recognize that your weirdness actually makes you special – so let go of self-judgment and comparison and shift your perspective from seeing differences as weaknesses to viewing them as sources of strength and advantage.

C. Articulate your USP, highlighting your distinctive qualities and strengths and learn to craft and communicate a distinct personal brand that authentically represents your unique capabilities, experiences and value you bring.

Module 10: Using Goals and Measurement as Alchemy Tools

A. Learn to set clear and specific goals that align with your career vision, breaking them down into smaller, achievable and measurable milestones to track progress, celebrate achievements, and maintain momentum.

B. Differentiate between approach and avoidance goals and learn to continuously pivot your avoidance objectives into approach goals that are aligned with your values and deeper aspirations.

C. Alchemize your progress using a gain versus gap mindset that empowers you to mindfully focus on progress and growth – savouring your journey, enjoying the learning process, and finding fulfilment in each step rather than unhealthily comparing your ‘now’ to an idealized future.



Self Paced


Join when you want

— 6 months access to all 10 modules
— Access to bonus content (over 20 hours of video lessons valued at USD 2000 )
— Access to all exercises
— Access to private community.

—Fortnightly live group coaching with Dr Ramya

Cohort + POD (Recommended)

Fixed Monthly Start Dates

— POD meetings and accountability

Private Coaching


Mutually agreed start date

— 6 months access to all 10 modules
— Access to bonus content (over xxx hours of video lessons valued at USD 2000 )
— Access to all exercises
— Access to private community.
— 10 Private coaching calls with Dr Ramya

*18% GST will be added for INR payments (No GST for USD payments).


(Your registration deposit will be refunded if we feel that you will not be a fit for our community)

This Programme has been developed based on 20 years of research, teaching and coaching to help you –

Stop living life by society’s definitions of success, or other people’s expectations and reclaim your inner sovereignty to create a career and life that you love

Farewell your overwhelm, chronic exhaustion, and meaningless grind to align your values and vision with work that leaves you feeling empowered and energised

Awaken your treasure trove of natural gifts, talents, and abilities and watch the abundance flow in as you share them with the world⁠ — guilt and shame-free.


(Your registration deposit will be refunded if we feel that you will not be a fit for our community)

Clear the stress and drama around ‘career’ and embrace a practical and holistic approach to living and working that is deeply aligned with who you are, what you care about, and what you enjoy doing

Frequently asked questions

  1. Where will the private community be hosted? 

The community will be hosted as a private Facebook group. We have experimented with other platforms including the one available on our courses portal in the past and what we have learnt through our experiments is that Facebook groups work the best for most people. 

  1. What if I do not want to create a Facebook id?

If you are strictly against creating an Facebook login, you can still join the program. You can coordinate with your POD members over whatsapp. 

On our part, we will make sure that you dont miss out on any important notifications related to the program content or live sessions by using email as well as whatsapp for announcements. 

However, you will miss out on the offline peer sharing, support and network building – for which the Facebook group will be used. 

  1. What are PODs 

Every participant will be placed in a support and accountability group, called a Pod. The size of each pod will be 3 to 4 members. Participants who join with friends and wish to can form their own PODs. Alternatively, you can ask us to allocate you to a Pod.

Discussing and working as part of a Pod is a key component of the program journey. Research indicates more than 200% increased likelihood of establishing positive new habits when supported by accountability partners. That is a huge benefit to not make use of in a program like this. 

  1. How often should the PODS meet?

Pod members are expected to meet once a fortnight for 1 hour to discuss their progress. Pod members are also encouraged to communicate privately with each other through a whatsapp or any other medium that they choose. 

PODs are highly encouraged to meet at 9 pm IST on alternate Wednesdays to keep a weekly Wednesday going (since the other alternate Wednesdays will be blocked for live sessions with Dr Ramya). However, individual PODs can decide to change their meet time as per their convenience if needed. 

  1. What are the timings of the live sessions?

There will be one live interactive session with Dr Ramya every fortnight at 9 pm IST on alternate Wednesdays. 

These sessions are for live discussion, Q&A, and hot seat coaching with Dr Ramya. It is a one hour session scheduled from 9 pm to 10 pm, but please block your calendar till 10:30 pm. If there are more questions on a particular day the sessions can be longer. 

All live sessions will be recorded and you can watch the replay if you cannot make it live on any particular day. You will be required to keep your video for better interaction and while asking questions during the live session. 

  1. What will the pre-recorded content be about?

All the theory content will be made accessible to you through pre-recorded videos which will be unlocked every fortnight. You will also receive assignments, related readings and worksheets to help you in that fortnight’s activity. 

The videos and exercises will be categorized as ‘essential’ and ‘reference material’ or (optional). The essential video content for each module (covered in a fortnight) will be a crisp 30-45 minute overview with one main exercise. 

However, there are many layers and nuances in each of these topics and they will be made accessible to you in the reference category. Dr Ramya will also be continuously adding more content to the reference category based on questions that come up during interactive sessions. 

  1. Is this considered professional development? Do you have any information that qualifies this for professional development credits and reimbursement from my employer?

Yes, this qualifies as personal development and we can help you in framing your request for reimbursement from your employer.
If you have a question that is not answered here please write to us and ask us at contact@craftingourlives.com


EMAIL: contact@craftingourlives.com