Success stories and testimonials

Success Stories and Testimonials

Nikita Singla (Associate Director, BRIEF and Consultant, The World Bank)

It was my first experience with one-on-one private coaching. I didn’t know what to expect. At the start of the coaching, we agreed on the content and the format – that the sessions would offer a more holistic understanding of working in conflict zones – in terms of managing stakeholders and building emotional intelligence. While the coaching very successfully equipped me with understanding and tools to navigate these situations, I must say that the coaching went way beyond just conflict zones.

It very smoothly offered me a glimpse of many areas of my personal life and other professional areas, which I normally don’t introspect on or feel important to work on. Soon enough in the first session, I felt a strong connection with Ramya, she has this amazing and very unique capability to develop deep inter-personal bond that allowed me to open up on many fronts, offering full trust and confidence that I was safe and acknowledged.

Though my formal engagement with Ramya ends, I feel it’s a relation I have built for years to come and will continue to cherish.

Gopika Lall (Digital Marketing Consultant, Navya Care )

I was looking at restarting my professional journey after a 7 year long break. It was due to us having moved multiple countries and an extended maternity break that I was on a career break. When I started looking out I realized I was stuck – stuck on what to do and how to begin ? I was totally blank. That’s when I started looking up my network and reached out to Ramya . That one phone call changed everything. After speaking to her I enrolled in the course “Redesign your Career”.

I literally went back to the drawing board. Some of the best things of the course is that it breaks a lot of myths, makes you think out of the box breaking the linear path we all tend to take and explore options you never thought even exist.

Ramya is an excellent facilitator and an evolved and mature mentor. Her vast experience comes to fore by her nudging you to push yourself but never imposing her view or thoughts on you.

By the end of the course, I had so much clarity on what I wanted to do and how I could create it. In Ramya’s words -‘you have to create your own path or work’. I followed Ramya’s advise to the T consciously removing biases, opening up my horizons, self introspecting , constantly iterating and believing in myself that it’s never too late to do something u really want to do .

Thank you Ramya for this and for re-designing my career and getting me back on the professional journey.

Divya Thampi (Emotional Wellness & Mid-Career Coach)

Ramya’s group coaching sessions were something I used to look forward to for many reasons. One of the primary ones being that Ramya brings in a high level of integrity and that led to a very high level of trust within the group. She has this way of creating a safe reflective space while also getting to the heart of the issues that were brought to the table by us participants. Another was the diversity of the group.

These coaching sessions generated rich focused discussions bringing in multiple perspectives. The issues we discussed ranged from dealing with self and family/friends to managing work related challenges. Her facilitation allowed participants to be open and vulnerable. It was also a great combination of discussions and curated reflective activities. I would highly recommend this for anyone keen to grow personally and professionally!

I also attended the Happy Money sessions by Ramya and I couldn’t have made a better investment of my time! My expectation was to learn a little more about how to think about money and maybe learn a few new concepts, but what I got was far more than what I had hoped for. The things that really stood out to me were:
– Many of the insights that Ramya shared, came from her practising the ideas in her own life, thus making her sharing authentic and powerful.
– Her ability to create a safe and warm space for self-exploration and introspection.
– Despite her expertise, she was honouring of every participant’s thoughts, feelings and life experiences.
– Her effective yet gentle way of guiding and encouraging people to explore beliefs and discourses.
– Her ability to make connections between concepts across different disciplines, thus adding far more value through the sessions.
– Her contagious energy and personal warmth!

Thank you Ramya! Your commitment to your own inner growth while helping others grow, made these sessions rich in more ways than one!”

Gauri Bharat (Lecturer, CEPT University)

The program was lovely, to put it in a nutshell! I joined at a time when I had a lot of doubt of what I was doing, particularly why it did not seem to leave me energized. I was doing a lot but also struggling to clarify if I needed a change. If yes, I had no idea how to go about it.

The program led to a very structured shift in mind set. I’m doing the same work, possibly more now, but am nearly never overwhelmed and at more peace with myself.

My key takeaways from the program were that it is not only possible but also easy to change our mindset and approach to things! It requires a commitment to place our own well being at the centre of our thinking, and that is what the program offered a chance to learn to do. The program was an opportunity to invest in myself little by little each week, until it was close to becoming a habit! I have actively started to reframe things that seem like problems, remind myself that I have choice and am in control of my situations, and what I find the most liberating, being able to think of everything that a prototype and a work in progress! Really takes the pressure off!

Your inputs and clarifications to each of our doubts was immensely helpful. You are incredibly non-judgmental and even those who have nagging doubts about whether any of this ‘really works’ eventually come around. The bonus was the sense of community and commitment to offering ideas to each other! There was an increasingly strong sense of engaging with one another as the program progressed.

I have recommended your workshop to my students and I hope they get as much out of it as I did!

Vipula Bhatt (Student at National Law Institute University)

The sessions are pure magic! The joy and calm one feels after being able to unwind and work through all the thoughts that hold one down is unparalleled. It lets you be you, and it lets you be the best version of you! Dr Ramya really runs a happiness shop here, letting you trade your confusion and troublesome thoughts for joy and inner peace – all with the help of some quick, practical reframes. Just step inside and she’ll help you find out whatever you’re looking for joy, happiness, peace, clarity, and most importantly, freedom!
For the first time in my life, I could just be myself. And as Dr Ramya helped me understand- I wasn’t just my thoughts, I was the creator of my thoughts. I realized that failures cannot break me. Having given up my fake shields- I also realised another thing – I’m enough. That shift in perspective was the beginning of my journey of crafting my life.

Sivasubramanian Sethu (Senior Director, Cognizant)

I opted for private coaching offered by Ramya with the primary goal of figuring out a career option that is aligned with my passion and personal values and was hoping that at the end of the coaching period, I will have a clear path for getting into a new career.

While I was expecting to focus only on career aspects in these sessions, she quickly made me realize that I need to work on my inner self before focusing on my career for the change to be very effective.

Her coaching style is holistic in nature, and she doesn’t follow a one size fits all template. The coaching sessions challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and understand my own belief and judgments limiting my progress. Over this period, I learned a wide range of tools & techniques based on science and spirituality that are easy to adopt and practice daily.

While still on the journey to redesigning my career, the coaching sessions with Ramya has helped me to relook at everyday challenges at work and life with a new perspective that I never had earlier. I would strongly recommend Ramya as a coach for anyone who wants an accountability partner in their holistic personal transformation journey, including redesigning their career. 

Balaram Baral (HR Shared Services Lead, India & IPATH countries, Mondelēz International)

I approached Dr. Ramya because I had heard a lot about her coaching and I was looking to build my leadership brand and also improve my personal effectiveness. The coaching and tools shared by Ramya are immensely helping me in these two areas.

Another area where there has been considerable improvement is in overcoming my fears and building my mental agility. 

I truly enjoyed Ramya’s approach and style of coaching – she is the best and I am glad that I took the decision to get coached by her.

Isha Gada (Learning Management System Consultant, Hospice Palliative Care Ontario)

“Ramya is extremely knowledgeable in her fields of coaching and facilitation. In her modalities, Ramya can back it with scientific research and left brain alternative healing approach with equal flair so you can have the best of both worlds. She is also gifted with sharp and quick observation skills to read between the lines of the cases that clients bring up and that helps her to get to the root cause of the problem of the client and give valuable insights which she articulately facilitates in the coaching sessions.

I have personally experienced breakthrough moments through Ramya’s coaching interventions and there have been instances in which she helped me see the blind spots in my thinking which continues to help me in my personal transformation. As a coach and facilitator, Ramya earns my highest recommendation.”

Sankalp Abhishek (Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to CEO, National Health Authority)

“The journey with Ramya Ma’am has been immensely blissful and transformative, filled with wonderful interactive moments. Its been a real delight listening to her and engaging with her throughout. She is truly a warm, beautiful, inspirational soul and a talented personality who gradually immerses us into our own life moments with her stories, analogies and playful exercises. Through her excellent communication skills, I was able to unravel so much through the enlightening self-discovery process by connecting the dots of my life experiences. The deliverables for me have been a fresh outlook to life and some very useful life reframes and approaches to guide me for journeys ahead. I feel I am a better version of myself already and shall keep evolving with gratitude.

I will definitely miss her lovely smiles, cheerful spiritual presence and her ever blossoming energy with which she conducted her sessions.

This is one course which is so personal to me and there have been so many valuable insights and takeaways that will stay for life. All the very best to her in all her life endeavors.

Stay as Awesome as you are !! Hope to cross paths with you someday and meet you in person. Thank you so much Ma’am !!”

Deepti Lata (Portfolio and Program Management, BFS, Shared Services, Cybersecurity)

Our sessions helped me acknowledge a lot of things about myself and people around me. I did not quite realize the full impact of it then, but I now realize that they have helped me in more ways than one. 

The self affirmations tools that you equipped me with has been very handy and something that I rely on whenever I find my thoughts not serving me well. I feel more empowered, more at peace, and more self aware. Not to mention that absolutely liberating experience that I went through during one of our visualization exercises. It was magic, and I have realized over time how powerful it was. 

My return to work this time has been a much more conscious choice, again because of the self exploratory exercises that I undertook during our coaching journey. It is not all hunky dory,  but I have a sort of North Star in the form of my values and objectives whenever I find myself wavering and giving up. 

So taking a moment to thank you for the beautiful intervention you introduced in my life through the coaching journey and hoping that  more and more people find the wisdom and courage to seek the right help when they need it and enrich their lives. 

Adarsh S Lathika (Head – Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Manipal Global Education Services)

In 2022, I was mentally preparing to leave my job of 11 years. I had joined straight after my MBA and enjoyed a steep learning curve with the autonomy to pursue as much I wanted at work. However, as I rose in the organization and to a large extend triggered by the Pandemic, I had started questioning my well-being and my role in this world; the quintessential question of “why am I”? I spent a good part of the year flushing out a lot of my prejudices with work while attempting to gain a better grasp of myself. I was reading self-help books and watching YouTube videos related to philosophy, wellness and what not. I left my job in the March of 2023 without a job in hand and when the layoffs in EdTech were at its peak. I wasn’t panicking since the proceeding 12 months did well in settling my mind and giving it a focus – on not “what I wanted to do” but on “what I didn’t want to do”.

I came across the session “rediscovering your joy @ work” via an Instagram ad in April and my wife sponsored the retreat! I came to the session with no expectation though the topic was a giveaway; it was more aligned to my research interest than to a personal challenge. The two-days at the retreat was an eye-opener for someone with limited human interaction during the formation years. I met so many people who would smile or laugh through their worries; I prefer white and black with nothing grey in between. The people I met were strong despite or may be because of what they had gone through. For someone who has had a relatively easier life, I felt responsible to make something out of it.

The sessions itself were quite structured, which made it easier for me to grasp. Dr Ramya, through the many constructs questioned many of the prejudices that working professionals have like work v/s life balance or underlined the importance of professional branding. The sessions and the crowd amplified the need for celebrating small gains instead of lamenting over the fictional gaps! I enjoyed the visioning exercise very much and could in the rarest of occasions focus my mind outside of a Math exercise. What the sessions did was help me get closer to “what I want to do” in my life; not necessarily in the professional space but in life itself. The discovery exercise and the ‘reflective best self’ (which I did a week after) shined on aspects about me that I never considered to be meaningful to myself but was clearly important to the people around me.

The 2-day retreat has given a structure to my reflective process and gave the confidence to pursue what I want to do in my life. The possibilities are immense if I work towards it; the flow, the momentum, however small, is the key. Since the retreat, I have made meaningful gains towards the life I want to live and remembered by. Its not easy but its not hard as well.

Dr. Soumya Sreehari (Educator, Trainer, Consultant)

Joy@Work – a weekend retreat facilitated by the brilliant and powerful Dr Ramya Ranganathan. What a treat and exhilarating experience the retreat was!

Thank you so much for your empathetic facilitation of each of our inner journeys.

From nature walks to tree-talking, from heartfelt guffaws to cleansing tears, from deep meditation to child-like wonder, from sharing light-hearted moments to heavy life stories, from simple actions to complex recalibrations, this retreat had it all.

A transformative experience like no other! I went in with almost no expectations other than to find an opportunity to look inwards. It turned out to be so much more.

With each activity, layers of limiting beliefs got peeled off and I made more and more sense of my own inner agitation. I found ways to accept myself that I had not explored before. I am so grateful to the wonderful group of people whom I met. We held each other in a safe space that felt comforting and secure. Cheers and power to all of you.

I have a feeling that the universe conspired to bring this experience to me at this time. I am eternally grateful.

My top 3 learnings:

1) Work and service need not be separate.

2) Inner work is a continuous journey, keep at it and do whatever it takes for you to stay on it.

3) ‘Good thing, bad thing, who knows!’

Cheers to you to continue the fantastic work you are doing, touching lives and transforming them.

If anyone reading this wants to untangle their feelings about work and joy, please look no further. This retreat/workshop is the one for you. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Supriya Madhavan (Corporate HRBP & Lead L&D, Zydus Wellness Ltd)

The experience was completely worth it! The program led to some fundamental reorientation within, that I continue to carry and feel 6 months since. A specific contribution from the learning method is the quality of discussion and the creation of a space of psychological safety, which was conducive to develop and retain these perspectives and actually move the needle in terms of learning.

3 things I have been applying since the program are – 

1. Begin by solving the problem. Constraints can be addressed once the core need is established & possible leads identified. This has truly helped me de-clutter priorities and decisions on both the professional & personal front 

2. There is no one ideal or prescribed method to solving any problem 

While I was planning for a PhD / career in academia, I also knew I would want to have a child – But was I prepared for it? How would I handle the rigor of an intensive academic routine and caring for an infant? These happen to bother me to this day.

But now I am clear on not doing either of them just because I or my family have set in some constraints. I would like to do both at my own pace and positively manage both. 

Both these are organic processes and don’t operate with a start and stop date. I could pace up or down depending on my ability to handle things real time. In other words I would manage the constraints as they occur & not base my solution of deferring / not opting for PhD or a child.

This clarity and self assured stand is my most important take away from the course. 

3. Grokking – I have become a lifelong proponent of this

I took the advice and decided to look for RA options which led me to what I do part time now (& oh so thoroughly enjoy!)

I wake up to weekends when I spend 3-4 hours working on a specific problem as one of the minions or just trying to read / look up my own problem to demystify. Reads more romantic than it is, but I do enjoy the intellectual rush which is very frequent if not continuous. 

More than anything else, I am actually getting a flavor of the kind of life I can expect which is very enlightening and beneficial. Needless to say, you network, meet the right people and develop your own perspective.

Swetha Mandal (Director of Accounting at Neovia Logistics)

No matter how hard we try to achieve “Balance”  in different aspects of our life, it ends up being one of the most difficult ones to achieve. Yet, we continue and should continue to try and “Balance” as much as we can. 

Work is one of the key aspects of my life, after all, most of my waking hours are spent at work, which is like my second home and my extended family are the people that I work with daily. Hence, finding the “balance” by approaching both personal and work life with the same level of joy, motivation, confidence and self-drive is a journey of ups and downs, highs and lows.

At times I manage to find the way on my own and other times I look for guidance from experts. 

On this journey, I had the benefit of meeting Dr Ramya, an expert in this field and attending her session on “Rediscovering joy at work”. She has mastered the art of finding ways on this journey by way of joy, happiness, and inner self-development. She brings forth this immense positive energy, wisdom, knowledge, experience and techniques in empowering you to tap into your inner energy and joy and are confident of finding your own path to confidence and joy, even at work.

Apart from her academic knowledge, she shared her own life stories where she had her own up’s and down’s which helped resonate to my own personal life situations, thus helping me find clarity in my thoughts and way forward.

In addition, having the session in the midst of nature among this group of people from diverse work backgrounds , experience rich and like-minded, helped me let go of my inhibitions, be vulnerable to become strong, listen and learn from them as well. It felt like the energy from the nature and the people were manifesting subtly and subconsciously. 

 My journey continues now with knowledge and learnings from  Dr Ramya through this session. It is helping me find and create my own ways and definitions of finding “joy at work” among other aspects of my life

Harsha Vikas Dhanalakota (Startup Business Consultant & Growth Facilitator)

“I did terribly in a math’s test” vs “I’m terrible in math.” Are they both the things same?

One person’s expectations on the other person’s behaviour or performance, actually results in influencing his behaviour or performance. Felt this effect anytime?

It is possible to increase involvement, enjoyment in difficult and challenging tasks; but still be lost in space & time during the task, with an inflow of energy at the end of the task. What can increase this state of “Flow”?

Technologies are allowing us to have more leisure time. How much of this is passive leisure time. What is it? Is it good for our mental health?

Three common ways to handle negative emotions are through suppression, expression, and reappraisal (revisiting the situation without changing facts). Which one has to be chosen when? and how?

Do you want to learn about the mental models, through which we perceive our thoughts & emotions?

Then, unlearn the perspectives which are leading to stress, fear of failure, negative emotions, resistance to change, etc

And relearn frameworks (through hands on activities) which can help increase your productivity, happiness and gratitude?

Prof Dr Ramya Ranganathan : Thank you for sharing your experiences, research and your secrets (my best takeaway) to shift between left brain & right brain thinking & feeling modes.

Trust professor in this course, rearrange what we already know and find solutions to your own problems related to work & life.

Rekha K N (Assistant Professor at GITAM Deemed to be University)

Three days of Rediscovering Joy at Work retreat have been an amazing learning experience for me. Rediscovering joy at work amidst the nature was a different experience. Learnt about how work, success, failure and money are interconnected, importance of being aware of the concept that work as joy, joy as work was inspiring! I admire the energy, and enthusiastic facilitation by Dr Ramya! It was really inspiring! We learnt through lot of activities with fun. Thank you so much for all the learnings!

I made friends who are open and willing to learn from other ! I am blessed!

Chinmay Kelkar (Entrepreneur, Marketer, Startup Advisor, Executive/Life Coach, IIMA)

One of the finest traits of Ramya as a coach is her presence. With her I felt absolutely at ease and comfortable to open up and talk about my vulnerabilities. I could instantly feel a soul level connection and I knew she would be non judgmental which is so important in the process of change

She created a lot of space for me to reflect deeply. She is extremely supportive and encouraging as a coach. She brings her full-self to the coaching process and her creativity and possibility-creation helped me a lot in my journey

I whole-heartedly recommend that you explore coaching with Ramya if you are serious about creating change for yourself. She will be a fabulous addition to ‘team you’ and will help you reach your goals quicker and with joy

Vishal Waikar (IIMB Alumni, Automobile Aftersales, Customer Service, Service Strategy & marketing , Field Service, Customer Care)

The course made us aware about underlying principles of human interactions. During the course, I could relate to the concepts like science of persuasion, motivation, inner work life balance to real world challenges faced while working with people. I am sure the learning we got would be useful to deliver responsibilities more effectively.

The best part of the course was reflected best self exercise. I never worked on really understand my strengths from other’s perspectives and build on them to work effectively. I could understand many of my strength which had positive impact in my functioning. This gave me a different perspective on what made me more effective. This understanding would be really useful in my future.

So I wish to thank you for all this knowledge sharing and patiently answering all our queries. 

Vaidehi Mahajan (Emerging Leader, Samagra)

I believe I benefitted a lot from Leading with Joy, especially from the session on resilience. The session helped me navigate my personal crisis period by seeking out different kinds of connections for seeking comfort and building perspective. Drawing from my knowledge of the progress principle & the Zorro Circle, I think I could rebuild my lifeview and workview from scratch after having one of the most critical identity crises of my entire life. I strongly believe that including the Life Odyssey learnings from PVGCO in this course would be beneficial as well, since it personally helped me a great deal.

I think what has stuck with me is your statement – “The voices in our head are not our voices, they are just voices! We decide how much power to give them.” Intrigued by this idea, I listened to the audiobook of the Untethered Soul and I feel I can manage my mental chatter and inner world much better, and in a way that is constructive to my being, rather than my thoughts causing chaos in my life. I think the discussions on the inner critic helped me understand where certain emotions in my life come from on a much deeper level and has led to me gaining a level of self-awareness where I can now give myself everything I look for in others – validation, a sense of safety and love. This self-awareness has had a very grounding effect on my life and I think it has transformed my active listening skills and the way I analyse and respond to people. Many of my friends and family members have also reported that I could help them understand themselves deeper due to my enhanced skills in this area. Since the course emphasized on understanding the panic and anxiety response in a holistic manner (the mental chatter as well as the biology behind it), I was also able to help one of my friends understand and manage her anxiety disorder better and nudge her towards taking the right steps. 

As you can see, this course (as well as PVGCO) has had a profound impact on my life, as well as the lives of those around me. I think, this was the best course I took in IIM Bangalore. I would like to express immense gratitude for your profound contribution in my self-improvement and my life journey!

Rekha Chandrasekar (Product and Technical documentation &  Certified NLP Personal & Business Practitioner)

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for organizing the Joy at Work Retreat Program by Dr. Ramya Ranganathan. The program was an incredible experience, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

Dr Ramya Ranganathan – Your expertise on the subject of joy at work was evident throughout the retreat program. I want to extend my sincerest appreciation for your exceptional and compassionate facilitation of our introspective journeys. You are truly a powerful coach and I hope you continue to inspire and guide many more people.

The entire retreat program was thoughtfully planned and executed. The location “Our native village” was peaceful and serene, and the accommodations were comfortable.

Activities like the morning silent walk meditation, expressing our own wishes to a tree, mindful exercises, and discussions were all engaging and informative. I really loved every part of it especially the Visualization technique.

Through this program, I have been fortunate enough to meet an amazing group of caring and supportive individuals. Each and every one of them had a unique and admirable character, and my utmost desire for them is to reach exceptional heights in all aspects of their lives.

Overall, I feel much more positive and motivated about my work, and I have gained valuable insights that will undoubtedly benefit me in the future. I cannot thank you enough for organizing such a meaningful retreat program.

I look forward to participating in future programs organized by your team.

Renuka Phadke (Mortgage and Protection Advisor)

My husband, who’s a follower of Dr. Ramya Ranganathan, told me to join this program and this was the best decision of my life. It was a very remarkable and inspirational course of learning. I came into it with a clear head and no preconceived notions. After this program My spouse remarked that the new “me” is very different from the old one. 

The elements of the training that dealt with branding, unique selling propositions, and mental models were particularly helpful to me. Dr Ramya provides the lens through which you can look within and discover the truth. This program not only influenced me in profound ways but also helped the growth of my business.

Dr. Ramya is so passionate about what she does and challenges you very positively to the core; she really peels back the layers of you and brings the best out of you. She’s truly inspirational. Because of her, I am overcoming my “fear of failure.”, It’s all within us, and Dr. Ramya so effortlessly helps you explore the best in you. Thank you is such a small word, Dr. Ramya, to express my gratitude. I’ll encourage those who are looking to advance in their career to join this course or simply to be connected with “YOU”.  

Drashti Patel (Creative Director at FCB Kinnect, Bengaluru)

This was a clutter breaking retreat for me. I was attracted to joining because I related very much to Dr Ramya’s career path and the way she felt that there was something missing despite it feeling like she had it all on the outside. I learnt to challenge what I called as “life lessons” … They were actually limiting beliefs. It is very rare in today’s world to find a teacher and mentor so authentic as Dr Ramya who has the courage to tell her students that numbers 7 and 8 out of the 10 point list she’s teaching have not been tried out by her. Thank you ma’am, for giving spark to a rusty engine that my subconscious mind had become.

Aditya Ramakrishnan (Director Product Management at Target)

“As a student of Executive Post Graduate Programme with over 7 years of experience, I started the course with a lot of skepticism – Would we stand to gain from such a course? Wouldn’t our experience in the field be more valuable than the theory learnt here? I was completely proven wrong. Prof. Ramya Ranganathan made the seemingly dull course completely interesting with her unique style of teaching. The pedagogy included interesting and relevant readings from the top researchers in the field, fun practical exercises, interesting games proving a point and lectures. A lot of personal examples ensured that the concepts were well conveyed. Her unique style of evaluations ensured maximum participation from the class and students were encouraged to exercise their creativity for all activities. All-in-all it was one of the most useful courses in the programme.”

Dheeraj Kumar (Director, LTE/5G NR MAC Team at SAMSUNG R&D INDIA – BANGALORE)

I did a  “Thought leadership” programme with Dr. Ramya.

When we started training then I was very skeptical about “Thought Leadership” concepts, and there were many queries were arising about this in my mind.

But, due to great coaching skill, strong training contents ,verbal communication & interactive nature of the sessions all my queries and doubts have been resolved and ultimately I became aware of  my inborn qualities. Thanks to the extensive training given by her, I am able to do better branding of myself. I have also got a good exposure and training on emotional intelligence, mental model, ladder of inference , bounded awareness and other  concepts which are helping me in my day to day activities .

Thanks to Dr. Ramya for her impactful guidance to nurture my  leadership qualities and for showing me a forward path to achieve new heights.

Deepti Panuganti (Marketing Consultant at AyurUniverse)

The redesign your life program conducted by Dr Ramya Ranganathan is a transformational program. The program has elements of inner work and outer work integrated beautifully. Dr Ramya’s facilitation involves doing deep work in a light hearted manner. Her reframing style and  insights gained were truly wonderful. The beauty of the program is such that it is relevant and suitable for people at any stage of their career and life. 

I wish I had done this program in my early twenties , my life would have been very different by now. 

Rahul Budhraja (Director at GoodEarth AgroChem Pvt Ltd)

My biggest takeaway from Prof. Ramya Ranganathan’s class at IIM-B was the concept of Strength Based Perspective. In my personal experience, I have been constantly advised to cover up my weaknesses. Often we are told, “why don’t you improve you mathematical skills” or “why don’t you brush up your sales talk”. It is a desperate attempt at trying to bring everyone on an even footing, which in itself seems unnatural. Why try to average everyone out; rather let each individual flourish in her or his own way. By focusing on leveraging our strengths, not only would we deliver better, but also feel more comfortable working with our skills, avoiding that prickly frustration of trying to constantly cope up in areas where we lack.

Uma Nandhini (Founder, Basecamp Analytics)

I recently attended Dr. Ramya’s Online Workshop “Your differences are your USP”.

If you are an entrepreneur figuring out product-market fit, facing first-mover challenges, or are a Professional considering career change, would highly recommend the Master Class & Workshop.

The Workshop is highly time-efficient, crisp packed with actionable content, and Dr. Ramya provides great clarity on the challenges to be prepared for and practical approaches in finding contexts and building your tribe, where your authentic self (your differences) will become USP. 

Arun Nair (ex-Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting.)

“Professor Ramya’s course content and teaching pedagogy were refreshingly different. The case discussions, business simulation sessions and role-plays were insightful, conducted well and a delightful learning experience. The average work experience of our batch was around 10 years, by her unique teaching style and facilitation, she made the sessions very interactive and our group effectively learnt from the collective experience as well. The coursework and submissions, especially RBSE and mind-maps, helped me introspect, evaluate my key strengths, and prioritize life in a way that I could be at my best self. The sections on leadership, managing stress and psychology basics were insightful and useful.”

Neha Agarwal (Certified Life Coach | Empowering women to live to their fullest potential | MBA – IIM Ahmedabad |)

It was fate that must have connected me with Ramya and made me sign up for her ‘Craft your dream life’ course, as it turned out to be a critical stepping stone for my self-discovery journey. She was not just a wonderful teacher, but a gem of a person who put her heart and soul into guiding the participants to understand themselves and create their life paths. Thank you so much, Ramya, for helping me connect with my true north. Much love and gratitude to you for doing this work and changing lives!

John Morrison (Senior Manager, Quality Assurance)

Prof. Ramya has been a valuable guide who has contributed greatly in my journey of learning and development of a finer sense of appreciation for her subject and a variety of areas including understanding of self/RBSE, interpersonal relations, team building, leadership, change management, appreciative inquiry, positive psychology and several others. Our interactions and discussions have been enriching and the various cases, readings and insights have served to further highlight the practical applications of the many and varied learnings.

Chinmayee Abbey (Certified Career Coach)

After having invested my time & resources on several digital Programs, ‘Crafting Realities: Work, Happiness and Meaning’ was indeed a breeze of fresh air! Prof. Ramya Ranganathan has designed an outstanding program that is so comprehensive! She not only integrates learnings with the right concepts but also delivers it with so much finesse and conviction, given her mastery on the subject. Her beautiful story-telling from her own life experiences makes it even more effective.. I strongly recommend this Program for all those who want to get to their next orbit in their life journey as a professional & as an individual. I surely feel enriched with this amazing 6 Weeks experiential journey.. Thank You Prof. Ramya, for being who you are!!

Anu Arun (Principal Engineer at II-VI Incorporated)

“I was coached by Dr Ramya for 6 months in the superblooms program. It is a unique one of a kind program focusing on understanding how our brain functions, and applying this learning to understand our behavior in day to day activities, relationships and career. It was a true eye opener to understand the underlying mechanism of our behavior and creating a tool kit to steer it in a way that would enrich our life both professionally and personally. I came out of the program with a tool kit that I can access at different situations both in my personal and professional life. The program involves a lot of self reflection and creating mindful awareness of your strengths and applying those to your dreams and aspirations. I highly recommend the program to all individuals who are interested in understanding why we behave the way we do and interested in shaping your life to thrive in all aspects of life.”

Ravikumar Kalaimani(Director at Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore)

Dr. Ramya is a phenomenal leadership coach who has made a significant impact on my professional development. I had the privilege of working with Dr. Ramya over the past 3 months, and I can confidently say that her expertise and guidance have been instrumental in my growth as a leader. Through our coaching sessions, you have imparted invaluable insights and perspectives that have significantly enhanced my leadership skills. Your ability to listen attentively and ask thought-provoking questions has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of my strengths and areas for development. Moreover, I appreciate your dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and incorporating innovative coaching techniques into our sessions. Your commitment to continuous learning and growth serves as an inspiration to me, as it demonstrates your genuine passion for helping others succeed. Thank you once again for your exceptional coaching, mentorship, and dedication.

Dr. Sharad Mankumare (Director-RSL and Verification Programs, United States Pharmacopeia- India, Hyderabad.)

“This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The training was very inspirational, energising, seeding ideas about positive psychology and how one can use different tools to lead the team while enjoying every bit of life. It has really given me a new insight and energy to manage personal and professional life. I strongly recommend this training to all who wish to make life more enjoyable and stress free.”

Rashmi Shenoy D’Souza (AVP, Strategy & Global Operations, HSBC)

“To say the least, you have earned a fan in me for life. The course has quite literally changed my course of life. As an individual, I am extremely restless and I never knew why I did what I did or why I felt what I felt sometimes. At a tipping point between life and frustration, your course came as a refreshing breeze and has made my life all song and dance. I feel so much lighter and nicer that I find the experience incredible when I look back.”

Vikrant Payal (SaaS Ops Engineering)

I had the pleasure of attending lectures on Organization Behavior by Prof. Ramya.

I found the discourse truly relevant to my job as a manager in an IT company. The lectures were very absorbing and derived enthusiastic participation from the audience. The concepts presented were based on her deep research in the domain and included groundbreaking ideas that can be eye openers to general management practitioners.

I look forward to more opportunities of learning from her.

Muhammad Ali (Prod.Especialist in Dubai Petroleum est.)

“I discovered Ramya on LinkedIn. I was impressed by the content so I followed Ramya on LinkedIn. Within a few days, I reached out to her directly and enrolled for her 12 weeks online program “Design your career”. What followed were a few life-changing conversations. It was quite remarkable and I’m still amazed at how these few brief conversations have affected me. I don’t know how to articulate this without sounding corny but Ramya is truly inspirational. Please consider attending Ramya’s sessions at least once. It may be all you need to advance your career, more importantly your life! “

Rajee Rajesh (Financial Advisor)

On a busy working day yesterday, I took time off for two hours from 3.00 to 5.00 pm and attended this month’s meeting of The Aura.

The speaker was Ramya Ranganathan and the topic was “Choosing Joy”. Anyone would think this is the most beaten up topic by motivational speakers. But Ramya was an academician and a poet and a dreamer. So she brought in a charming mix of logic and idealism in her talk. She explained the what and how of happiness as a process. And without a single powerpoint slide had the audience spellbound and bubbling with energy for 90 minutes.

The feedback that I have been receiving from yesterday from members is so overwhelming. And friends who didn’t attend this programme , you really missed an event that would have made an impact to your life!

Dana Sauter Van Ness(Director of Customer Quality, Entegris, North America

This career coaching was so much more than coaching, it was truly transformative in the way I thought about work, my life and myself. Not only did it make me think differently how I can grow, it helped me to see other avenues to grow into and ways in which I can focus my energy to get the biggest return on investment. These tasks were not easy, but they are lessons that will continue to help me in my life, both professionally and personally.

Sanjay Mitra (OD and Talent Management, National Training Labs (NTL), US)

“Ramya – you were a gift to us. you were amazing to weave a phenomenal energy around us for the 3 days, sharing own discoveries, waking the child in each one of us, unleashing the courage to come out of our formatted self, merge into the collective and yet retaining our individual thoughts. Happy and blissfully ….. step by step … silently and experientially “leading us to joy”.

Mayank Purohit (Director, Samsung R&D Institute India, Bangalore Head of Software Engineering Team)

We meet many people in life but only a few create a long-lasting impact. Dr. Ramya is one of them. She was my coach for the “Thought Leadership” program. The program content was thoughtfully prepared, which complemented to her delivery style and her strong intent to bring the desired changes in the other person. The coaching was made interesting by many real-life examples and practical activities. Overall, very indulging and remarkable experience.

I thank Dr. Ramya for being such a great coach. I also wish her all the very best for the future endeavors.

Nidhi Goyal (Strategy & Transformation – TATA Indian Institute of Skills)

Can vouch for the fact that the 12week program is time well spent. Ramya is an excellent facilitator and doesn’t get prescriptive or preachy at any point. The inputs make you question some long held notions and the exercises make you reflect deeply. Not just from a career perspective, it is also a good way to get to understand yourself better.

Madan Sudarman ( Global Delivery Head, Inlogic technologies Pvt Ltd)

“Leading with Joy has transformed me as a person. this course has helped me manage not only my work but also my family and myself.”

Gauri (Datta) Jayaram ( Founder & CEO at Active Holiday Company)

Ramya is not a conventional teacher – she takes structured learning to a new level, making it relevant to every student by focusing on experiential retention, practical application and relevance – all with minimal use of books! She is very ‘connected’ with her class and has the ability to make you believe and think. 

Sivaramakrishnan P ( Global HR Leader in Mobility Solutions Space- Automotive Product Industry, Bosch Global Software Technologies)

I was really fortunate to be part of a wonderful session with Dr Ramya. Finding joy at work- was a very interesting workshop with not much of theory, but a lots of practical insights and personal experiences about how to find joy at work, what is the way we are tuned to look at work etc. it’s was a very different session and the way Dr. Ramya anchored the session and facilitated the same was amazing. By the end of the session as participants we got to know each other and also potentially how we wanted to bring joy to our work. I for one, definitely was able to redefine my views about work and it seems to have changed the way I look at work and is helping me enjoy @ work. I know there is still some distance to go, but the session helped me take the first steps to make me feel good