Private Coaching

Allow me to help you in taking your career, business and life to the next level

Typical benefits of coaching include

  •  Enhanced motivation and sense of purpose
  •  Clearer career objectives
  •  More inspirational leadership
  •  Renewed energy and self-confidence
  •  Access to a larger pool of inner strengths and resources
  •  Improved and more authentic relationships (with others and with yourself)
  •  More innovative creativity
  •  Less stress and anxiety
  •  Superior performance
  •  Increased resilience
  •  Enhanced happiness at work and work-life balance

How Coaching Works?

A typical coaching journey takes you through the following phases.


Whatever situation is troubling you or even only preventing you from exploiting all your talents and enjoying all your undertakings, coaching helps you look at it from different, unconventional perspectives; discover facets of it that had until then been blurred or unclear to you; and become completely aware of all the aspects of that situation.

Creative techniques, mindfulness, gentle yet firm challenging and other practices are used at this stage.


Increased awareness means that you have a much better understanding of the situation and are ready to change and move on… but move on to where? Designing what next step is right and works best for you is the objective of the Solution phase. The most relevant concepts of this phase are:

  •  People are not the problem. You are not the problem.
  •  Focusing on the resources that are available, not those that are missing
  •  Picturing what a successful future looks/feels like
  •  Scaling and measuring how far/near you are to your successful future
  •  Establishing a platform on which to safely build the change
  •  Identifying the appropriate available resources and strengths
  •  Defining the steps that will take you closer to you successful future


In the vast majority of cases, the appropriate solution you identified during the coaching journey will require some practical actions and/or inner change. Whether these actions are external or internal, the coach supports and provides guidance to you. This involves:

  •  Defining and agreeing a metric with you that measures the progress made
  •  Reviewing the progress
  •  Celebrating every improvement/success

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