Have you been waiting For someone to grant You permission to create  Whatever you want Perhaps you are waiting For that approval glance Before you can allow Yourself to dance Perhaps you are waiting For someone to say Please go ahead And be yourself today What if instead This very permission Is a default givenContinue reading “Permission”

Perhaps a Way out of Dissonance is to find Resonance with the Earth

Our staff canteen at breakfast has two TV screens on two different walls. Today morning one screen was showing a heart wrenching footage of refugees lining up to be granted permit, while another was simultaneously flashing a cheerful basketball match. My brain went into a spin! The dissonance was very taxing for me. Somewhere betweenContinue reading “Perhaps a Way out of Dissonance is to find Resonance with the Earth”


What if my past and my story The thing I call my history Is not interesting to anybody And not useful even to me What if the thing I call memory Is really quite like garbage Bits of old information Not relevant at this stage What if my own biography Is just a mess ofContinue reading “Footprints”

Would you like to Cultivate an Innovation Mindset?

The world of business is increasingly becoming more VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). Leadership is now more of an adventure on the brink of uncertainty than a steady task of maintaining status quo. Surrounded by unprecedented levels of flux and change in the environment, managers who fail to innovate are finding themselves stuck andContinue reading “Would you like to Cultivate an Innovation Mindset?”

To the Child In You

To the child in you Who never defined herself By her age or gender Till others did it for her To the child in you Who never doubted himself His ideas or his intuitions Till others said ‘are you sure?’ To the child in you Who never limited herself Her abilities or strengths Till othersContinue reading “To the Child In You”

Infinite Divine Carriers

I wrote this poem just now and I must say it feels like one of the best gifts that I have ever written for myself :-). Let me know if it evokes something for you as well and if it does then please do share the magic with your friends. The magic that was startedContinue reading “Infinite Divine Carriers”


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