Enjoying Exams – A 12 Week Online Bootcamp

I’m launching an online bootcamp for students on the topic of ‘Enjoying Exams’. This bootcamp is open to students over the age of 12. There is no upper limit to the age of a student to whom this will be beneficial.

For enrolling in this bootcamp it does not matter what your subject of study is and it does not matter whether you are currently a ‘topper’ or someone who is struggling to pass the minimum bar. The only criterion for enrollment is that you are willing to explore if preparing and answering exams can actually be a fun thing for you – something you enjoy. I am not promising a fantasy experience where there won’t be hard work, difficulty or challenges – rather I am inviting you to a possibility where you actually start to enjoy the hard work, the difficulties and the challenges – the way you probably enjoy them when you go on a mountain trek. I am not promising an experience bereft of stress. Rather I am inviting you to a possibility where you learn to work with an optimum level of stress – so that it turns you on and makes you alert but not overpower or paralyze you. I am not promising you an experience where there is an insurance against failure and disappointment. Rather I am inviting you to a possibility where you become the most resilient version of yourself and you march into an examination hall with the spirit of a sportsman – willing to give it your best and enjoy the experience; knowing fully well that success or victory is never ever fully guaranteed (and nor would it be fun if it were so :-)!)

How will we achieve this change in attitude and experience? We will achieve this through systematically examining and changing our current beliefs and attitudes related to exams. We will achieve this through understanding more about how our body, mind, and feelings work in an interrelated pattern and how we can leverage this pattern to deliver optimally under pressure. We will achieve this by learning how to manage our time, attention, and emotions better through effective goal setting, prioritizing and building enjoyable rituals for ourselves.

This bootcamp will run for a duration of 12 weeks and each week we will focus on one key pillar that will help us in enjoying exams so that we begin to enjoy both the process of preparing for exams as well as the actual high of answering exams in an exam hall. Trust me this is totally possible for you. Enjoying exams has been pretty much a dominant reality for me through school and college and also for some other people I have known or interviewed. Yet this is not a very common experience for the vast majority of people. The only reason for this is that the alternate paradigm – one where exams are something unpleasant or scary has gotten quite deeply entrenched in our society. I have designed this 12 week bootcamp to systematically take you out of the dominant paradigm of exams that is laden with fear and drama and introduce you to tools and alternative paradigms that will empower you in creating your own unique experience with exams. My point of view is that if you have to do something anyway, and there is an enjoyable way of doing it and a painful way of doing it then why not choose the former?

Each session will last for an hour and it will be a live session (unlike my existing programs on edX, Swayam, or the IIMBx platform where the participants access pre-recorded videos). I will be facilitating students as well as answering questions live during each session. The recordings of the session will be shared with you so that if you miss attending a session for some reason you can still make up by watching the recording.

Weekly Topic Coverage

Week 1: Opening up to the Flow State

Week 2: Befriending Stress

Week 3: Cultivating Positive Emotions

Week 4: Navigating the Tricks and Traps of Goal Setting

Week 5: Overcoming the Fear of Failure & Building Resilience

Week 6: Letting go of Judgements related to Exams

Week 7: Managing your Attention

Week 8: Dealing with Expectations of Others

Week 9: Coping with Conformity and Peer Pressure

Week 10: Outcreating Comparison and Competition

Week 11: Involving your body

Week 12: Designing Your Own Rituals

This bootcamp is priced at INR 6,000 for 12 weeks. The sessions will be held online through Zoom with a two-way video interface. Zoom is a very easy to use online platform for webinars. The calls will generally be scheduled on Tue evenings (8 to 9 pm) unless there is an exceptional reason to reschedule. The first run of this bootcamp starts on April 21, 2020. Registration is now open and since we have limited seats I will follow a first come rule.

Students who have attended the bootcamp block of 12 weeks will be eligible to sign up for an ongoing weekly group coaching program at an additional cost. This option is open only to those who complete the entire 12 week bootcamp. The group coaching program is designed as an ongoing support system for students. Each week students will have an opportunity to get clarifications and inputs based on what has worked and what has not worked for them during the past week and to set intentions and plans in place for upcoming weeks.

Please write to me at ramya.ranganathan@gmail.com to enroll in this bootcamp.

About Me:

Dr. Ramya Ranganathan is an Electrical engineer from IIT Madras, holds a PGDM (MBA) from IIM Ahmedabad and a PhD in Organizational Behaviour from London Business School. Dr. Ramya has previously worked in blue chip companies like ICICI, Infosys and Citibank. She was a full time faculty with IIM Bangalore from 2010 to 2019 during which time she developed her own unique approach to catalyze and nurture excellence in individuals and organizations.

In January 2019, Dr. Ramya was awarded by the MHRD Union Minister for being one of the top 15 innovators in higher education in India. She now continues to teach with IIM Bangalore as an adjunct faculty alongside conducting independent programs that help individuals and organizations achieve excellence in an enjoyable and meaningful way.

Dr Ramya has created multiple online courses: ‘Crafting realities – Work Happiness and Meaning’ (on the EdX platform), ‘Managing our inner worlds’, and ‘Managing Stress’ (on IIMB KITE platform), and ‘Creating a Happy and Meaningful Career’ (on the Swayam Platform). She is one of the pioneers of Positive Psychology in India and has invested in nurturing the next generation of positive psychologists through designing and teaching a PhD level course on Positive Psychology at IIM Bangalore since 2011.

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