Is it Time to Overhaul Your Approach to Exams ?

I have always had a special relationship with exams – be it in school when I was a super diligent student or be it during my IIT days when I wrote poetry in class instead of listening to the lectures on electrical engineering. Yet irrespective of my preparation levels and my interest in the subject itself, exam days were always special for me – they were the times I paid extra attention to my own self care routine, eating well, sleeping well, exercising enough and staying cheerful. In fact my approach to exams was very similar to my approach to basketball tournaments – managing physical, emotional and mental energies and channeling them towards optimal performance. The “eustress” (positive stress) of the match or exam would turn me on so there was an optimal level of excitement and arousal but not the debilitating effects of fear or panic. In fact more often than not the time bound and challenging nature of the task would take me into a FLOW state and give me an exam high (analogous to the runners high that runners experience).

I had not realized it then but I had somewhat accidentally stumbled upon some of the key gems of stress management and the theory of optimal experience or FLOW and had been applying it for exams. So when my friend Paluk Khanna invited me to do an online session on how to have ease and joy with exams I said an immediate YES. For the last 10 years I have been conducting corporate workshops on managing stress and optimal experience in the workplace. I help people reframe their approach and attitude to work – so why not to exams ?

This session is being held online on Friday Jan 31st (6 pm to 8 pm – IST). This session is open to parents as well as students since children often just pick up and mimic their parents approach and attitude to things – and exams are no exceptions. You can contact Paluk (who is organizing it) for registrations on 9632400566. I might not check my messages or social media page before that so please do reach out to her directly. I look forward to interacting with some of you online on Friday. Feel free to forward this invite to anyone else who would like to overhaul their approach to exams. Here is a video I made on this topic as well introducing the key points that will be covered in the session

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