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Alchemizing Purpose-Based Joyful Excellence at Work

My purpose in life is to catalyze aliveness and excellence – in individuals, groups, and organizations. In this website, you will find access to my online programs, live talks, and webinars, as well as other offerings through which I create a bridge between the Academic World and the Working Professional—translating scientific research into practical tools that people can apply in their personal and professional lives.

Virtual Sessions

Private Coaching

Corporate Workshops

Coaching Philosophy

Coaching works only when clients are ready to be coached. For its success, it is imperative that both parties enter into it willingly with clear expectations and agreements on how the process will work. As a coach I will invite you to challenge yourself and to experiment with new behaviours and actions so that we can generate new possibilities for your future. I will push you at times to inquire into your old beliefs and to break your old mental models and patterns. I will push you to commit to small but regular action steps so that you can create lasting and transformational change for yourself. Read More…

My TED Talks



“What do I mention about Ramya. In those 3 days, not only me but the other 29 associates who joined me had learnings to take away. Not only what was taught in class but from Ramya’s own journey so far. No, she does not believe in monologue and slides. She makes you retrospect and think, learn from the past and execute in the present. And do not be surprised if a few exercises stir emotions because she energizes you to self-discover and reaffirm your purpose of life.” Read more…

Tanvi Indra, Lead, NBS, HR Business Excellence, Novartis

I approached Dr Ramya because I had heard a lot about her coaching & I was looking to build my leadership brand & also improve my personal effectiveness. The coaching & tools shared by Ramya are immensely helping me in these two areas. Another area where there has been considerable improvement is in overcoming my fears and building my mental agility. I truly enjoyed Ramya’s approach -she is the best & I am glad that I took the decision to get coached by her. Read more...

Balram Baral, HR Shared Services Lead, India & IPATH countries, Mondelēz International

For Enquiries : Write to contact@craftingourlives.com