I Am Joy

Poet, Professor, Parent, Philosopher

My foremost identity has always been that of a poet and a dreamer. I spent the last 4 decades of my life writing poems, creating flower arrangements, climbing trees, going on walks and treks, making deep friendships and having fun. Somewhere between these life sustaining activities I qualified myself professionally with the degrees of a BTech in electrical engineering at IIT Madras and a PGDM at IIM Ahmedabad. After that I spent a few years working in the corporate world with some big names like ICICI, Infosys, and Citibank. What I gained most from these years was the growing clarity and intensity of a fundamental question that would take over my life from that point onwards –‘Why do people work’? This simple question took me on an intense personal and professional quest where I simultaneously studied organizational behavior, psychology, philosophy, and theology. Six years later, equipped with the formal degree of PhD from London Business School, and the informal degree of ‘Parent’ bestowed by life, I emerged from my confusion – ready to share with the world what I had learnt.

Although in spirit still a student of life, in formal designation I was a full time faculty in management with IIM Bangalore from 2010 to 2019. During that time I developed my own unique approach to catalyze and nurture excellence in individuals and organizations and in January 2019 I was awarded by the MHRD Union Minister / Government of India for being one of the top 15 innovators of higher education in India. Soon after I resigned from IIM Bangalore to expand the scope of my offerings to include programs that go beyond the scope of traditional management. Today I summarize myself by a simple phrase – Í am Joy’.

I have a diverse portfolio of offerings from corporate workshops to online group coaching programs that invite both adults and children to embrace and become more of the Joy that they truly be. It is no longer a surprise to me that when people embrace their own unique selves and delight in the essence of their own being their performance begins to rise exponentially as well – whatever their age, whatever their field!

My Offerings

In Person Workshops

I help companies and individuals discover their potential, own their strengths and joyfully lead themselves and their teams towards individual or collective excellence.

Key Note Addresses

I invite audiences to joyfully step into greater versions of themselves through shifting their mental models and challenging the beliefs that are holding them back.

Online Coaching

I conduct group coaching sessions online for adults as well as children on various topics – in essence facilitating them in leading joyful, enriching and satisfying lives


Ramya – you were a gift to us. you were amazing to weave a phenomenal energy around us for the 3 days, sharing own discoveries, waking the child in each one of us, unleashing the courage to come out of our formatted self, merge into the collective and yet retaining our individual thoughts. Happy and blissfully ….. step by step … silently and experientially “leading us to joy”. 

Sanjay Mitra, OD and Talent Management, National Training Labs (NTL), USA

To say the least, you have earned a fan in me for life. The course has quite literally changed my course of life. As an individual, I am extremely restless and I never knew why I did what I did or why I felt what I felt sometimes. At a tipping point between life and frustration, your course came as a refreshing breeze and has made my life all song and dance. I feel so much lighter and nicer that I find the experience incredible when I look back. 

Rashmi Shenoy, AVP, Strategy & Global Operations, HSBC

“The call was brilliant. Ramya totally shifted my perspective on exams and the pressure around it. I am so light and actually think I can make this whole education thing FUN!”

Samarth Kochar (age 14)

What do I mention about Ramya. In those 3 days, not only me but the other 29 associates who joined me had learnings to take away. Not only what was taught in class but from Ramya’s own journey so far. No, she does not believe in monologue and slides. She makes you retrospect and think, learn from the past and execute in the present. And do not be surprised if a few exercises stir emotions because she energizes you to self-discover and reaffirm your purpose of life.

Tanvi Indra,
HR Business Excellence Lead, Novartis

This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The training was very inspirational, energising, seeding ideas about positive psychology and how one can use different tools to lead the team while enjoying every bit of life. It has really given me a new insight and energy to manage personal and professional life. I strongly recommend this training to all who wish to make life more enjoyable and stress free.

Dr. Sharad D Mankumare, Director, RSL, Pharmacopeia, India Pvt Ltd

Leading with Joy has transformed me as a person. this course has helped me manage not only my work but also my family and myself.

Mr. Madan Sudarman, Global Delivery Head, Inlogic technologies Pvt Ltd


Organizations that I have conducted workshops for include the Aditya Birla Group, Atlas Copco, HSBC, Biocon, Novartis, Swiss Re, GAIL, Pernod Ricard, Novo Nordisk, ISRO, Biocon, Essilor, Airbus, Ericsson, IOCL, Mahindra Finance, Larsen &Toubro, NHPC, Union Bank, KPMG, Oracle, and Hindustan Lever to name some.

I have also created multiple online courses: ‘Crafting realities – Work Happiness and Meaning’ (on the EdX platform), ‘Managing our inner worlds’, and ‘Managing Stress’ (on IIMB KITE platform), and ‘Creating a Happy and Meaningful Career’ (on the Swayam Platform) and have nurtured the next generation of positive psychologists through designing and teaching a PhD level course on Positive Psychology at IIM Bangalore for 7 years.

My style of teaching and facilitation is a unique blend of combining logical left brained reasoning with intuitive right brained reflection and I only teach tools and strategies that I have myself used and tested in my life.

And Now….

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~~ I am Joy ~~

I am Joy, and I won't give it up
Not for anything in the world
Not for money, not for fame
Nor for the sake of keeping my name

I am Joy, and I won't give it up
Not for anyone in the world
Not for those I love and respect
Not for those I nurture and protect

I am Joy, and I won't give it up
Not for any occurrence in the world
Not for injustice, not for violence
Not for hypocrisy or pretense

I am Joy and I won't give it up
Because if I give up Joy, I give up Me
What's left is then a shadow at most
Just bits and pieces - a fractured ghost

Without my Joy, my thoughts are mean
Incoherently appearing on my minds screen
Without my Joy, my emotions are wild
Transforming me into a tantrum child

Without my Joy, I am of little use
To myself or to those I love
Without my Joy, I become a pain
To beings on earth and those above

When I BE my Joy, I Be Me
I Be the Joy I was born to Be
This joy is the source of my power
This joy is the key that sets me free
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