The Paradigm Shift: From Outside-In to Inside-Out

Ramya: For several years I had harboured an outside-in approach to life. I believed that my happiness and my fulfillment were contingent upon my getting or attaining specific outcomes and circumstances. I believed for example, that if I was successful in certain academic or career pursuits I would be satisfied. I believed that the rightContinue reading “The Paradigm Shift: From Outside-In to Inside-Out”

Exploring Inner and Outer Terrains

This post is inspired by my eighty seven year old Grandfather. We visited him yesterday and found him sitting at his computer with several books open around him (some of them looked like they had his pencilled notes from yester-years) and he was diligently typing on his blog. Age and illnesses have made his bodyContinue reading “Exploring Inner and Outer Terrains”