Cultivating an Innovation Mindset: Broaden your Perception and Rewire your Brain to Think Outside the Box

As VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) becomes more of a norm in the world of business, managers who fail to innovate are finding themselves stuck and frustrated. Their brains are trapped in paradigms that keep them wedded to the past and unable to tap the future possibilities through innovation in business strategy, organizational structure, management styles and the nature & design of work itself.

In this program you will learn tools that will help you cultivate an innovation mindset. Tools that will enable your brain to think like an innovator so that you are no longer afraid of change, rather your brain is continuously on the lookout for how you can make things better – for yourself and for others. 

Attending this workshop will change the way you use your brain. It will empower you to acknowledge your inherent ability to find creative solutions in any situation and context. You will learn to identify the roadblocks and thinking patterns in your brain that prevent your brain from being able to identify novel and useful ideas. You will cultivate a habit of thinking in questions – so that your brain can begin to operate beyond the limiting frames of assumptions, judgments, excuses and conclusions that keep your brain (and therefore you) operating within a limited box.