Corporate Workshops

Here are some Dr. Ramya’s standard offerings. Follow the links of each program for further descriptions. She can also be contacted to design a customized program to meet the specific needs of your organization or group. 

This workshop is designed to be your gateway to make your own as well as other’s work experiences more productive and joyful. The basic tenet underlying this workshop (which is backed up by decades of scientific research) is that when managed properly happiness and productivity go hand in hand – the presence of one actually enhances the other.

Manage Your Energy : Scientifically Proven Techniques to Radically Boost Your Performance at Work

We all know that our performance depends not just on the amount of time we invest into a particular task but also on the amount and quality of energy that we put into it. While most of us are mindful about managing our time, we forget to manage our energy. This workshop will empower you to consciously leverage this extremely under-utilised resource.

Cultivating an Innovation Mindset: Broaden your Perception and Rewire your Brain to Think Outside the Box

Managers who fail to innovate are increasing finding themselves frustrated – their brains are trapped in paradigms that keep them stuck in the past, unable to see or create future possibilities. This program will empower you to find creative solutions in any situation and context through letting go of assumptions and mental habits that limit your thinking.

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