Corporate Workshops

Here are outlines of Dr. Ramya’s three most popular programs. She can also be contacted to design a customized program to meet the specific needs of your organization. 

Leading With Joy: Leveraging the Mind to Achieve Greater Impact

Your brain is simultaneously working both for you and against you. On one hand, it is your brain that enables you to be an effective executive who can think through situations, can take a bird’s eye view of problems, can break it into chunks and analyze, can identify the pros and cons of a proposal, can compare and contrast multiple options and prioritize and order tasks. It is your brain that helps you crunch and analyze numbers, express your thoughts in words and diagrams and communicate effectively with others. 

Yet this very same brain creates distracting and dis-empowering thoughts for you as well. This same brain also holds you back by creating the fear of failure and sabotages your thinking and action by submerging you in thoughts of how you could go wrong. This same brain creates a narrative in which you have to constantly be fighting to survive – instead of exploring creative and expansive possibilities for your future.

In this workshop you will understand how your brain creates mental models and programs which then determine the way you make sense of data and situations – and as a consequence of that limit your actions and behaviour. You will learn how you can break free of those mental models that are keeping you stuck and limited and instead create new mental models to improve your happiness as well as performance at work. You will learn the chicken and egg connection between your thinking patterns and your emotions and how either of these can be managed to influence the other. 

In this workshop you will understand some of the critical mechanisms through which emotions impact decision making, communication and influence.  You will learn to apply these in practical workplace situations like motivating teams, giving and receiving feedback, managing change, building trust and creating ownership. You will learn how to increase your emotional intelligence at work and how you can leverage the same in your capacity as a leader to create cascading levels of improvement for your team through strategic use of mirror neurons. 

This workshop is designed to be your gateway to make your own as well as other’s work experiences more productive and joyful. The basic tenet underlying this workshop (which is backed up by decades of scientific research) is that when managed properly happiness and productivity go hand in hand – the presence of one actually enhances the other.

Managing Energy at Work: Techniques to Enhance your Performance by Tapping into the Resources you Already Have!

Performance, Performance, Performance! Sometimes it can almost feel that the emphasis on performance and results is draining people out –  Leaders as well as the employees. However, this need not be the case. Performance is not a bad word! In fact it is the thing that turns us on as human beings – the thing that gets us excited to embark on yet another task, yet another project, yet another day. It also just happens to be the thing that leads to success and results – to creation in the form of wealth, products and services. 

We know both intuitively and from experience that the quality of our work depends on both the amount of time that we can invest into that particular project as well as the amount and quality of energy that we put into it. Most of us are mindful about managing our time and schedule so that we can make enough time to do work that is important for us. However how many of us have thought of managing our energy as well? Not just the quantity of energy we can bring to a certain task or project but also the quality and focus of energy that we bring.

This workshop has been designed for Leaders and Executives who are concerned about their performance and are looking for ways in which they can take their productivity to a radically different level. The Energy management techniques that are taught in this workshop draw from several different modalities and have been customized to be used in the modern day corporate setting. Participants will learn ways in which they can manage not just their own energy but also the energy of their team members and reportees so that they can become more effective leaders in their organizations.

Increasingly both men and women have to juggle multiple responsibilities at work, home and in the community. This program will empower them to design and plan across multiple contexts so that engagement in one contributes to the performance in another. When we look at time as the only resource to be managed between multiple contexts then our different activities can often feel like a problem (because our time needs to be divided and shared between them). However when we look at managing energy it can work in just the opposite way. Our engagement in one activity or context can be strategically planned so that it fills us up in a way that we step energized into our next context; creating a radical boost in performance across both contexts. 

Cultivating an Innovation Mindset: Broaden your Perception and Rewire your Brain to Think Outside the Box

The world of business is increasingly becoming more VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). Leadership is now more of an adventure on the brink of uncertainty than a steady task of maintaining status quo. Surrounded by unprecedented levels of flux and change in the environment, managers who fail to innovate are finding themselves stuck and frustrated. Their brains are trapped in paradigms that keep them wedded to the past and unable to see or create future possibilities. 

The ability to innovate is critical in all facets of business and this trend is only going to get stronger in the years to come. While innovation in technology is mostly at the frontiers of this change, the cascading effect of this is the need for innovations in business strategy, organizational structure, management styles and the nature and design of work itself.

A decade ago researchers were debating about whether innovators are born or made. Today however, research from neuroscience and psychology has proved beyond doubt that our brains are plastic, implying that mindsets and attitudes can be learnt, unlearnt, cultivated, and developed – but we need the right tools to do that. 

In this program you will learn tools that will help you cultivate an innovation mindset. Tools that will enable your brain to think like an innovator so that you are no longer afraid of change, rather your brain is continuously on the lookout for how you can make things better – for yourself and for others. 

The number one impediment that stops our brains from thinking innovatively is the fear of failure. Innovation involves change, involves risk, and demands a willingness to venture into the unknown and experiment with possibilities not tested before. Fear is a natural and evolutionary reaction in such situations but the good news is that it can be managed. In this program you will understand how fear influences the workings of your brain – distorting perception, information processing and sensemaking. You will learn practical reframing tools based on psychology that can be used to offset the fear of failure so that your perception can be broadened to access a wider range of possibilities and ideas (than what is accessible when under the grip of fear).

Attending this workshop will change the way you use your brain. It will empower you to acknowledge your inherent ability to find creative solutions in any situation and context. You will learn to identify the roadblocks and thinking patterns in your brain that prevent your brain from being able to identify novel and useful ideas. You will cultivate a habit of thinking in questions – so that your brain can begin to operate beyond the limiting frames of assumptions, judgments, excuses and conclusions that keep your brain (and therefore you) operating within a limited box. 

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