Online programs

The following are online programs offered directly to participants under a P to S model (Professor to Student Model), without any intermediary in between. Each of these for courses has been designed to be conducted over a 12 week period and can be taken as a stand alone module or course. The basic structure and pedagogy of the course is same for all courses. There will be a prescribed book that goes along with the course for the student to use as self study and preparation and there will be a 90 minute live interactive session with the professor every week where students can clarify doubts and questions. The course is structured around the reference book that is prescribed but the course instructor will go beyond the basics in the book as and when needed to clarify more nuanced concepts or answer complex questions.

There will also be a closed and private facebook group exclusive to each run of the course where participants can post questions and reflections anytime during the week and also interact with one another. The facebook group will also be used by the instructor to give mid week questions, nudges and share bonus content and material related to the course. This ongoing interaction with the faculty and peers forms a key part of the reflective journey and therefore it is essential to join the facebook group. The facebook group will also be used as the place where logistical details and call links and recordings will be shared with the participants.

To ensure a high-quality experience, and clarification of individual queries, each run of any program is limited to 25 participants. However it is to be noted that self study and self work forms the foundation for these programs and they are not substitutes for individual coaching. Those who require more personalized hand-holding and feedback from the instructor should opt for personal coaching instead.

Below are the upcoming dates of the programs that are currently being offered in this format. Write to contact@craftingourlives.com for further information and registration.

Program NameLive Call Timings (in IST)Next Start DateDuration
Choosing HappinessSunday 11 am to 12:30 pmSep 6, 202012 weeks
Let go of PerfectionismSaturday 11 am to 12:30 pmTo be Announced12 weeks
Develop Your Money EQSunday 3 pm to 4:30 pmTo be Announced12 weeks
Redesign Your CareerFriday 8:30 pm to 10 pmTo be Announced12 weeks
Overcome your FearsWed 8:30 pm to 10 pmTo be Announced12 weeks