Attention: Our Gateway to Change

I have (as happens to many of us at some time in our lives) been sailing in rough open stormy waters these past few months. One of the things that has been keeping me afloat (as well as moving in directions I seek to) has been the practice of choosing to consciously direct my attention towards what I want to create and where I want to go. I gave a TEDx talk on this topic sometime ago. I initially did not want to share the video because I felt I came across very scary and over-serious in the video (result of my stage fright ;-)). (Yeah, I lost my smile on stage and some of you might not even recognise me!).However I believe the message, information, and tools in the talk are very potent (at least it has been for me) and so I decided to share it as widely as possible.
This talk incidentally is the output of group effort (although I deliver it alone on stage). Thanks to Amit Kapoor (http://amitkaps.com/) for making the amazing slides that go with it and thanks to my Mother and Amit for working with me patiently in taking my unstructured rant on the potency of choice in attention and crafting it into a short and concise presentation. Here is the link to the talk.

One of the ideas I share in this talk is how we can leverage the power of our brains in a way that we can create the change we seek to. I believe that each one of you has the power and opportunity to create change in the lives of people around you, your workplace, and society. This talk uses recent research findings in brain science to bring you easy to use tools that you can use to create change effectively. I hope that this talk will give you valuable information to initiate change in any area of your work or life where you currently feel stuck.

If you find the talk useful please do join me in passing the message along. The more lives we can touch, and the more people get inspired and empowered, the better it is for all of us AND for our planet.

Like I mentioned in the talk science seems to suggest more and more that we exist in an ocean of interconnectedness – so let us all grow and evolve together!

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