Infinite Divine Carriers

I wrote this poem just now and I must say it feels like one of the best gifts that I have ever written for myself :-). Let me know if it evokes something for you as well and if it does then please do share the magic with your friends. The magic that was started this morning by some white clouds swirling in a blue sky and trees swishing gently in the breeze. Sometimes I cant believe how much clarity a simple poem can give to me and how happy it makes me. I would definitely not want to keep this joy only to myself.

Divine Carriers

God came to me as a person

I smirked and rebuked her

“Oh you cannot be mortal

You are a cheat and imposter”

God came to me as an angel

I blinked my eyes in disbelief

“I must be imagining things

Let me close my eyes for relief”

God came to me as an animal

My heart opened up in love

“You overpower my rational brain

So I will shut you out now”

God came to me as Me

Making me melt in divine bliss

“But I have so much wrong with me

Let me create something amiss”

Then God came to me as Nature

Swishing the leaves on the trees

Drawing patterns in the clouds

And creating art with the breeze

Dropping the subtlest of clues

To bypass my mind’s barriers

And gently surrounding me

With infinite divine carriers


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Published by Ramya Ranganathan

My identity is crafted around four Ps - Poetess-Philosopher-Parent-Professor. You can read more about my journey here (http://craftingourlives.com/ramya/)

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