Nature’s Gifts

I wrote a poem today to acknowledge what a wonderful companion and teacher Nature is. She remains in total allowance of us – never judging or pushing us and yet by being that wonderful space of allowance she invites us to learn and grow through observing her and becoming one with her.

Nature’s Gifts

And so the bird kept singing

The river kept flowing

The leaves kept fluttering gently in the breeze

None of them cared what I had won

None of them cared what I had lost

None of them cared about who I was

The bird sang another tune

The river swelled in the monsoon

The leaves turned golden and started to fall

None of them were looking at me

None of them were demanding of me

None of them were asking anything from me

I opened my ears to enjoy the music 

I opened my heart to embrace life’s flow

I opened my mind to the beauty of change

And the bird sang yet some more

The river still kept flowing

As new buds of leaves began to grow


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Published by Ramya Ranganathan

My identity is crafted around four Ps - Poetess-Philosopher-Parent-Professor. You can read more about my journey here (http://craftingourlives.com/ramya/)