Playfulness, Peace and Potency – The 3 Ps of the Ocean

I am just back from having spent 2 entire days playing with the waves. Yes, I do mean two entire days. My son and his friend drove the agenda for this holiday and I was initially unsure when they wanted to stay in the sea the whole day. However the other mother with us was game for it and so I also decided to give it a try. The sun cooperated by hiding behind the clouds most of the time and we actually landed up spending dawn to dusk in sea water – coming out only for meals. I totally loved the experience – perhaps it struck a chord with the latent amphibian in me.
I shot a little video blog to see if I could capture some of the ocean’s spirit to share with all of you. On the day I shot it, the energies of the ocean that I could sense most vividly were the energies of ‘Playfulness’, ‘Peace’, and ‘Potency’. I realized that these energies are there in all of us – all the time. However, being near the ocean (or in the ocean) physically provided a shortcut to tap into them and get to vividly experience and acknowledge one’s own playfulness, peace, and potency. I hope this video does that for you, even if in a small way – invites you to connect with your own playfulness, peace and potency.
The Audio might sound like it has disturbance because of the wind and waves – but then that’s the real experience for you :-)! Enjoy!

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