When we can Out-grow there is no need to Let-go!


You have probably heard from many places about the benefits of being able to let-go. Letting go of old habits, old pains and grievances, or even relationships. While letting go is great advice, it can sometimes be really difficult to implement. In this video I present an alternate frame we can try to play with, which is to ‘out-grow’. The easiest way to pick up nuances of doing this with ease is to look at children who continuously ‘outgrow’ their past toys, books and even past selves. In the video I muse on how we can embrace a frame of ‘outgrowing’ and apply it to ourselves (even as adults) – for truly we never actually stop growing. As children we are acutely aware of our own growing nature and we embrace the change in our stride. As children, we naturally look at growth as something that is part of life – a process where we morph into newer versions of ourselves and we can embrace that newer version without needing to make the old version ‘wrong’. Somehow as adults we mistakenly assume that our life goal is to ‘settle’ into a sort of comfortable equilibrium or state – and then we fear change (which just might be growth into the next version of ourselves).

Enjoy the video, try experimenting with a frame of out-growing your current self, and please let me know how it works for you.



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  1. Your blogs are really refreshing and I really admire your perspective towards life.

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