Whispers of Intuition

Now this is going to sound like a fairy tale to some of you. I almost decided to not write about it because I thought nobody would believe me. Indeed I would not have believed it myself (except that because it happened to me, I have no option but to believe it).

I was on my regular evening walk, and as I passed the playground I pass everyday, a patch of grass at the other end of the playground that was glittering in the evening sun suddenly caught my attention.grass-in-sun I felt drawn to it in an almost magnetic way and so I walked towards it. I got a clear intuitive message that can be translated as ‘camera/photo’, and so I took my phone out. I initially thought I was supposed to take a picture of that patch of grass. I took a picture but it was really far away and there seemed nothing special about the picture.

I kept walking towards the grass however, and I tried clicking shots of it from even closer.grass in sun 2.jpg They seemed just normal snaps of grass, but by now I have learnt not to question my intuition too much. So I kept clicking, assuming that someday I might need these pictures perhaps.

In the photos, however, I noticed that the sun was looking really pretty and bright. It showed up as a golden ball of light that looked very special on the screen.sun-1 I started taking pictures of the sun, yet I still kept feeling like this was not the picture I had been called to take.

I heard an intuition that seemed to suggest something like ‘turn around’, so I turned
around and took selfies with the sun. I then even heard the word ‘rainbow’ but I assumed that the reference was to the rainbow effect cast by the sunlight around my head. sun selfie 1.jpgI was clicking the snaps but I was not feeling satisfied. I kept feeling that there was something else I was supposed to click.

I think at that point the elements of nature decided to help my intuition and give me an even clearer message. I felt a few big drops of rain on my face. There was no rain I could see but just a few big drops that I could feel. I heard the word ‘rainbow’ once again and then I actually started putting things together. I started thinking to myself how ideal the whole setup was to have an actual rainbow created – the setting sun, drops of rain….and I turned around to see where the rainbow would get created, if it actually did. As soon as I turned around, right in front of my eyes, a real rainbow began to slowly form. rainbow-1At first I thought I was imagining it because it was so faint, but then it gradually got clearer.

The ‘turn around’ messages were for me to turn around and see the sky opposite the setting sun. The grassy patch I was drawn to was the exact place to stand on from where I could see the entire rainbow form. Like a magical miracle I saw the rainbow create itself and stretch across the sky in a complete arc. Then as the clouds played hide and seek the rainbow intensified and faded alternately and at one point there were two concentric half rainbows.double rainbow.jpg

Then once again the sun grew sharper and there was just one rainbow that spread herself out as she outlined all seven colours in bold intensity against the backdrop of the sky. I had the time of my life gazing at this colourful play of light that lasted almost twenty minutes till the sun finally went down behind the trees. I played with the light, capturing various stages of these rainbows on film and in videos and I even took some rainbow selfies.


Now I understand the magnetic pull with which the initial patch of grass had attracted me, and I can connect the dots to make sense of the whispers of ‘photo’, ‘turn around’, and ‘rainbow’. I wonder what else is possible, and how much more magic can our intuition possibly lead us to? What if all we need to do is to slow down more, listen more, trust more, and play with the whispers.

ps: As I am picking photos to add to the blog I notice that there are some coloured lights in the photos. I do not know what they are and how they formed. I did not see them when I clicked. I had just focussed on the grass and sun where I felt the magnetic pull. If anybody has ideas on how to interpret them do let me know.



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