Interest Quotient – the new IQ? & Excitement Quotient – the new EQ?

As a Researcher and Faculty in Management, the one question I have found us looping back to again and again is ‘How do we get our employees and ourselves to be more productive’. How can we work more and procrastinate less? How can we create and generate more and do it with excellence? How do we take our performance from good to great to fantastic?

In this video blog, I don’t claim to have found any answers to these questions, rather I humbly propose that perhaps we have been looking at an incomplete set of levers to productivity and excellence all these years. What if our productivity and excellence depends far more on our interest and excitement levels than we have been acknowledging? Would that change the way we hire people for work? Would that change the way we choose our own work? Would that change the way we approach the so called jobs we have labelled as ‘chores’? Would that change the way we plan Our days? Our careers? Our Lives?


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  1. wonderful ….what a new and fresh perspective to look at the situation…..great insight into human psycology….group behaviour….and yes ….when it is looked at thro coloured lenses of panic and confusion and fear it looks very different from what it really is…good eyeopener for all those who are tearing their hair in dismay…nicely written ramya,

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