You Are Beautiful

Seema Pigeon

Sharing this awesome click by my amazingly gifted friend Seema Swami. Many of us think of pigeons as dull grey boring birds – or even pests. This bird came and posed for Seema to show us how beautiful pigeons are! How beautiful we all are!

Coincidentally, this reminds me of what happened to me too. When I first met Seema she introduced herself as a nature photographer. The second time she met me she wanted to take pictures of me. I agreed only because I felt that she was somehow thinking of me as ‘Nature’. The photos she then took changed my life – rather they changed for me the way I saw myself – and this turned out to be a permanent change. Till Seema took my snaps I never thought of myself as beautiful. Now each time I look in the mirror I see beauty. :-). The cover of my first book is also a photo of me that Seema took which captures the spirit of boldly and happily ‘Choosing Life’.

So whoever you are, wherever you are, if you are reading this post, please open your wings wide and pose. So what if nobody so far has called you beautiful or thought that you are beautiful? So what if you yourself never thought you were beautiful? Your beauty is there – just waiting to be seen, captured, and acknowledged. And I hope that someone like Seema will come do it for you. I also hope that you can be for your friends, what Seema was for me – the person who sees beauty and potential even where the person himself or herself does not. Most importantly though, I would also like to believe that each of us can also do it for ourselves! We can choose to Acknowledge, SEE, and KNOW the beauty and gift that we be on the planet, and open our wings boldly to share that beauty and gift with others! Maybe not all at once – but at least one baby step at a time.

When my son saw this picture he said, ‘Really, that means all those pigeons have wings like THAT!”, You should have seen the amazement on his face. I told him, ‘Yes we ALL have WINGS LIKE THAT, and I spread out my hands wide to show him my magical but invisible Wings!’

Share this with your friends to remind them of their magical beautiful wings! Share it with them to let them know how beautiful each one of them is. Invite them to acknowledge their own beauty and to open their wings wide and fly because you also want to share the delight of seeing and acknowledging the gift that they be.

And please consider this my heartfelt invitation to you to open your wings wide open and let the sunshine reveal to us your magical hidden colours. I want to see them! The world wants to see them!!!

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