Are You a Frequency Holder for Our Planet?

Please know that there are many time when you are more of a contribution to yourself, to others, and to the planet by ‘being’ something rather than ‘doing’ something. I read this idea for the first time in Eckhart Tolle’s book, ‘A New Earth’ many years ago. Tolle has a section where he talks about ‘frequency holders’ – people who help the planet just by holding the frequencies that it needs at that time (this might be love, compassion, joy, aliveness, creativity – whatever). My life was never the same again after reading this book. I realized that my ‘purpose’ at many times was also to just ‘be’ a frequency holder and suddenly my compelling need to always be doing something to prove to myself that I was a contribution and of use dropped away.

A lovely street doggy named ‘Thoraga’ who has been coming and sitting and meditating with me for the past seven years has reinforced this idea for me even more strongly. When Thoraga and I sit together on my garden bench and hold a certain frequency together I just know that those moments are when I am being the most useful to the entire planet, a gift to my own body, to hers, and also all the other people whom we are each connected to. And all this happens when we sit quietly together and share the joy of being alive. No words exchanged – most times I don’t even touch or cuddle her since my eyes are closed in meditation.

Yesterday, I was chatting with someone very dear to me and she was saying, “I feel like I should be productive all the time when I am well. Only when sick can I rest, read, or watch TV.” I told her that then she was giving her body a subconscious message that if it needed rest (or wanted to just BE), then it had to create an illness to justify it. We went on to discuss about the label of ‘laziness’ and how it might have got created and how the fear of being labelled as ‘lazy’ (even by our own selves) might be leading us to push and push ourselves into action when perhaps what would be a greater gift in that moment (to everyone concerned) is a state of ‘blissful inaction’. This dear person incidentally was my mother.

So ask yourself dear reader, what will be a greater gift in this moment – action or inaction? Being or Doing? – and then choose it! Choose without any guilt or fears of labels like ‘lazy’. Those are just words somebody might have created once to manipulate someone else into action. It might be relevant in some contexts but is it truly relevant to you today?

How many of you might be ‘frequency holders’ for our lovely planet? Perhaps you can gift to it during these days of violence and turmoil by just holding the frequencies of love, peace, joy, kindness, or oneness.

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One thought on “Are You a Frequency Holder for Our Planet?

  1. THX TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHOSE MESSAGES I HAVE READ IN THE LAST 2 DAYS!! We know we are frequency holders and we practice presence and beingness moment to moment. We were spiritual creatures first before we manifested as humans. Our thought life (consciousness) creates our reality! But we surrendered that to the world we (thought) was our reality. You know what you know,truth, walk in it! Namaste!!

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