Invitation to Use Energy Tools as a way of Crafting Your Life

I heard this often before but I am realizing how true it is only now. The more we share, the more we give, the more the Universe fills us up with that which we are sharing and the more we have to share. I realized this with knowledge (as I started my career in teaching, I just kept learning more and more). This morning I realized the same with energy. Let me explain more.

As some of you know I have been on a journey of continuously crafting my own life and to do this I have been learning and experimenting with a potpourri of mind, body, and energy tools. However for the last eight years, I have been covering only the mind aspect in my classes and exec workshops – since that is what my formal qualification (a PhD in OB) qualifies me to teach – the nuances of managing our inner worlds (through working with the mental models and beliefs in our own heads).

I have an entire series of videos (a mini course actually) on this topic up on my website where I discuss the theory and science behind this approach – the approach of working to change the beliefs and mental models in our own heads in order to actually change the way we show up in our lives and as a direct consequence of that influence how life itself shows up for us! You can find this mini-course on www.craftingourlives.com. Click on the tab – ‘Managing Our inner worlds’ from the list of tabs that show up on the right hand side corner.

In that mini-course (and in my classes and workshops) I cover basic psychological tools that we can use to work with our beliefs and mental models. However, in my own life I have been using a combination of psychological tools as well as certain other tools that work at an energetic level. This is because everything that is a mental or physical pattern in our brain (or body) also has an energetic counterpart in our energy bodies (or energy fields) and when we change the patterns in our energy field then the corresponding physical pattern in the brain or body also has to shift.

When 2018 started, it pushed me to come out of hiding with respect to this area of my life that I had kept relatively private. I am increasingly feeling motivated to come out of the closet and as a parallel hobby share information and knowledge about some energy tools to a wider audience. These days I find it easier, more fun, and faster to work with energy tools than psychological tools. I am not saying that psychological tools don’t work – they work wonderfully, but different tools work better for different people and for different problems. So why not have more options to choose from?

Anyway, so at the start of this year I created a closed Facebook group for people who might be interested to know more about working with energy tools. We just had our second session today (on FB live) and I realized that as I shared with others, I myself felt filled up and supported by the universe in huge ways. It was as if the Universe was telling me, ‘There you go, I’m with you and I have your back in this……why have you been hesitating and feeling shy all these years?’ That is why my belief on give, share and you will learn and receive more was reinforced even more today.

So if energy tools sounds like an area you’d like to explore in 2018 then I invite you to join our group here. We have already had 2 live video sessions so far (and we set the context in the first week) so if you join now please do watch the replays of the first two weeks so you have a background of what we mean by energy and you can also experiment with the first two tools before our next weekends session.


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