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So last night my son was searching on the internet for a poem on ‘Fats’. They are currently learning about nutrition in school and this was part of his homework – to search for a poem on fats. On an impulse I told him, “hey why search, I’ll write one for you “and within minutes I had written a little verse on fats (He wanted at max a 4 line verse). It was so much fun and it came so easily that I realized (for the umpteenth time in my life) how much I like playing with words to put them into rhyme and verse.

Somehow in the last 20 years I have used poetry only to express things of meaning and significance to me, (but yesterday I realized that a poem could also be written for simple everyday things and concepts). Poetry is poetry and it has no boundaries. It can be philosophical and moving, but it can also be fun and silly. I remember now when I was in school I used to write poems on all kinds of strange topics. Sometimes the boys in my class would ask me to write a poem on their behalf expressing to a girl the feelings they had for her.

I am feeling inspired now to take my sticky habit of making words rhyme into newer contexts. What if I could be a medium who helps another human being translate their feelings, memories, wishes, or thoughts into verse. Perhaps you want to gift someone a personalized poem on a special occasion (or even without an occasion). Perhaps you want a personalized poem tailor made to read out for a particular occasion, gathering or meeting. Perhaps you want a poem written to commenmorate the life achievements and contributions of someone who is retiring, or someone who has left this planet for their next abode in the sky. Perhaps you want a personalized poem to put up on your wall, your desk or above your mirror. Who knows what magic verses can do – where prose feels boring, constrained or limited as a medium of expression.

So if you would like a customized poem just for your specific needs or for a unique occasion write to me at ramya.ranganathan@gmail.com. Mention POEM REQUEST in the title so your email gets my attention. Please include as much context and background as you want to and share your own thoughts and feelings in words or phrases or however else you want to. I will merely weave what you tell me into a poetic narrative and send it back to you. It will be a poem just for your needs and I will not share it with anyone else or be posting it anywhere public unless you give me permission to. However, this is not ghost writing so please do include my name and contribution as a footnote mentioning me as the medium who translated your own feelings into verse.

Please don’t pm me on facebook or linked in since I get too many spam messages and so I tend to not check most fb or linked in messages. Please do share this post with your friends and on your wall and help me reach as many people as I can. If someone who is not familiar with my writing skills wants to check out my poetry, you can refer them to http://www.sharingmypoems.blogspot.in or to my book. The blog has a larger and more recent collection than the book though.

Amazon (India)-https://goo.gl/18cpBW

(outside India) – https://goo.gl/MK7Fvj

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