Crafting Realities: Work, Happiness and Meaning – Free Course on edX

What are the things that get you excited to wake up each morning and start another day, sing another verse, write another chapter in the evolving story of your life?

What keeps you going when you start wondering if your life and existence have any meaning at all?

What fills you up with the juice and joy of living in such a deep way that you feel profoundly grateful for the life force energy pulsing through your body?

For some of you it might be your connection with plants and nature, for some it might be the smile on your babies face, for some it might be your art, your volunteering efforts or your worship and connection to the divine. But what if your work also, your career, could have the same effect on your life?

Enroll in this free online course and gift yourself the permission and psychological tools to craft this as a possibility in your own life. Share this course with as many people as you can because when more and more people individually start to create careers where work and happiness are synchronous with each other, our collective definition and the existing societal norms around ‘work’ will also start to shift. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/api/edit

It is an IIM Bangalore course on edX and you need to enroll directly on the edX website by following the link below.

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Published by Ramya Ranganathan

My identity is crafted around four Ps - Poetess-Philosopher-Parent-Professor. You can read more about my journey here (http://craftingourlives.com/ramya/)