Why I am doing a Workshop on Conscious Eating

Since I posted about the workshop that I am doing this friday on Conscious Eating, my people have been getting back to me asking why I chose this topic and also what is going to be different about this workshop! So here is a little video I made about why I chose this topic and what to expect in the workshop.

More about the class:

STOP YOUR FIGHT WITH FOOD. Are your food habits holding you captive? Does your relationship with food frustrate you? Do your diets always fail you?Join my lovely friend Priya Alti and me (Ramya Ranganathan) this Friday (April 5) in Bangalore at 9:30 am if you are looking for more harmony with your food.

This half day workshop will revolutionize the way you relate to food and get you started on a brand new journey of eating what you enjoy and enjoying what you eat.If you are willing to choose more consciousness with your body and the earth then call or whatsapp me (9620014306) or Priya (9900581075) for registrations. You can also email me on Ramya. Ranganathan@gmail.com

There is an early bird registration price for those who register by April 3. Please whatsapp or email ramya.ranganathan@gmail.com for details. Please don’t pm me on linked in since I get too much spam there and do not check it often.

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